Record crowds attend Data#3’s JuiceIT event in pursuit of digital transformation

March 22, 2019; Brisbane, Australia: Leading Australian technology services and solutions provider, Data#3, today announced that it has welcomed record crowds to its flagship event, JuiceIT 2019, which focussed on the topic of digital transformation.

JuiceIT took place in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane in February and March, and welcomed over 2,100 attendees, eager to learn how to prepare, transform and optimise in their pursuit of digital transformation.

In the morning, delegates were treated to an entertaining and enlightening keynote, presented by rogue wizard-philosopher, Dr Jason Fox. Rather than approach transformation incrementally, Dr Fox offered a fresh, pragmatic, upbeat, but rational approach to transformation – showing the audience that effective transformation can happen, whilst also serving the operational needs of the present.

Commenting on the overall JuiceIT event experience, Dr Fox, said, “Events like this are of mythical importance. Sure, the internet allows us to enhance information, but the opportunity to gather together to be immersed in new thinking, and to ask each other the questions we’re asking ourselves, is priceless. When it comes to digital transformation, it’s important that we move beyond the hype and investigate what will truly bring us closer to future relevance.”

When asked for his final thoughts, fox, commented, “These days, most strategy is formed by a combination of incrementalism and bandwagonism. It’s only the curious and courageous that can truly pioneer.”

The remainder of the day provided attendees with practical insights into the expertise and services they need to transform the way they do business, through informative breakout sessions. The large sponsor showcase floor also afforded access to 32 world-leading technology vendors.

Andrew McDonald, an IT Manager from the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, who attended the event, said, “I’ve been coming to JuiceIT since its inception 12 years ago, and always find the day both informative and insightful. To have an industry event of this calibre in Brisbane is fantastic. I get to meet with many vendors in one place and can examine innovative solutions to confirm new thinking. At BCEC, we are determined to be at the forefront of leading technology so that we can deliver a seamless experience to our clients, and this event helps us to define our roadmap for success.”

Data#3 Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Laurence Baynham, commented, “JuiceIT has been running for 12 years, and we are very proud of this unique event. There is no other Australian technology event that provides the same access to diverse, topical information, combined with 32 world-leading technology companies. In our recent customer survey, customers told us that digital transformation is their number one business priority, and that was our core focus. I’m confident that we have helped attendees to understand how to navigate the associated challenges and key technologies required to support their digital transformation journey.”

Data#3’s JuiceIT 2019 will travel to Fiji, Melbourne and Tasmania later in the year.

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