Smart collaboration solutions from Lenovo

Smart collaboration solutions for today’s hybrid workforce

The modern workplace has changed almost irreversibly over the past few years. Traditional in-office work has returned for some. But work from home continues to form an important part of working culture with remote job postings on LinkedIn having increased over fivefold since the pandemic began.

This means organisations must begin to lay plans for hybrid meeting experiences that support both in-office and geographically dispersed teams to connect cohesively across the extended office ecosystem.

Lenovo’s smart conference room solutions provide the cutting-edge tools needed to provide the best video conferencing experience in huddle rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms and home offices.

As a Lenovo Platinum partner, Data#3 will work with you to design and deploy a Lenovo workplace solution customised to ensure your employees experience secure, effective, and effortless conferencing, no matter where they are working from.

Keep your hybrid teams included, engaged and productive

Discover how Lenovo workplace solutions bring teams together with intuitive, fast and seamless video conferencing solutions that make collaboration and communication an integrated part of everyday work.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2 rooms systems

Get your office ready for hybrid working arrangements with the all-in-one meeting room solution that allows participants to communicate via video, voice, or chat to collaborate in real time. Offering integrated HD video and audio, dual array mics, a rotating touch screen, built-in Windows 10 security and manageability features and the exceptional power of the Intel vPro processor, Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2 is the smart collaboration technology choice for conference rooms of all sizes.

  • Built-in protection with Lenovo’s ThinkShield security solutions and Intel vPro platform
  • Immersive 360-degree sound via 4 built-in duplex speakers and 4 built-in dual array mics
  • 20% smaller footprint than previous generations
  • ThinkSmart One Cable mechanism to minimise table clutter
  • One-touch meeting start for Microsoft Teams

Centralised management through the preloaded ThinkSmart Manager software that allows IT to deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot your entire fleet of Lenovo ThinkSmart devices.

Get in contact with one of our Lenovo specialists to see how you can keep your hybrid teams included, engaged and productive.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kits

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kits are purpose-built, modular room kit solutions that allow you to integrate smart collaboration technology into any sized meeting space.

There are two configuration options – they can be added to rooms that already have pre-existing Microsoft Teams certified audio-visual components, or as a whole new setup including the ThinkSmart Cam and the ThinkSmart Bar.

Whichever option you choose, these kits will deliver intelligent solutions to meet your conferencing needs for huddle spaces, meeting rooms, boardrooms and home offices.

ThinkSmart Core

The ThinkSmart Core compute device can be placed discreetly and features integrated cable management and wall mounting capabilities. The device includes Intel graphics, 4K cameras, USB audio, a room whiteboard camera as well as supports for two 4K front of room displays via HDMI ports.

  • 11th generation Intel vPro platform processor
  • Certified solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Comprehensive hardware-based security features from Lenovo ThinkShield and Microsoft
  • Pre-loaded software allows IT teams to remotely monitor, manage, and troubleshoot

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core

Lenovo ThinkSmart - Controller

ThinkSmart Controller

The ThinkSmart Controller has a 10.1-inch, 10-point touch display with a familiar Microsoft Teams Rooms interface, allowing users to easily start and control meetings, share content and collaborate with remote colleagues.

  • Integrated infrared sensors to detect when participants enter the room
  • Anti-glare and anti-fingerprint display

ThinkSmart Cam

The ThinkSmart Cam is the first AI smart camera from Lenovo. The high resolution and frame rate ensures high contrast and bright colours, even in low-light spaces.

  • Active speaker tracking and whiteboard awareness features encourage participants to interact
  • Certified compatibility with Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Choose to either place the cam on a tabletop or mount it to a wall or TV

Lenovo ThinkSmart - Camera

Lenovo ThinkSmart - Bar and Speaker

ThinkSmart Bar

The ThinkSmart Bar provides a rich audio experience with stereo speaker and 4 built-in mics with a range of 8.5m to accommodate everything from small meeting rooms to large boardrooms.

  • Integrated DSP noise cancellation
  • Certified compatibility with Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Choose to either place the cam on a tabletop or mount it to a wall or TV
  • Central management and customisable to the needs of both users and the space

Lenovo Collaboration eBook

eBook: Transforming collaboration for the new workforce

Lenovo Collaboration Culture eBook

eBook: Creating a culture of collaboration

Collaborate smarter with Lenovo and Data#3

Data#3 has been a trusted Lenovo partner since 2005. As the highest partnership tier, our Platinum status allows us to unlock access to the highest levels of services and benefits for our customers. Our significant breadth of capability means we can help you configure and implement a workplace Lenovo solution that’s right for your business, backed by our flexible support and servicing options.

Contact a Data#3 collaboration and meetings room specialist today.

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