Bring real-time data to every question, decision and action that affects your organisation


Of APAC companies receive more than 5,000 threats a day1


The average cost of application downtime for Australian businesses2


Of organisations feel the cloud is more secure than their data centre3


View artificial intelligence as a must-have for security controls3

As business threats become increasingly sophisticated and challenge additional areas of your operations, having visibility and real-time intelligence at your fingertips has never been more critical.

Splunk is one of the most powerful analytics tools on the market today. 92 of the Fortune 100 leverage Splunk’s world-class investigative capabilities to predict, identify and solve a multitude of problems using the growing streams of machine data generated by your systems and technology – physical, virtual and in the cloud.

So, what’s Splunk? It’s the Data-to-Everything™ Platform that collects and analyses machine data from all your organisational sources – from infrastructure and apps, through to industrial machines and customers – to produce incredible real-time visibility and AI-driven insights.

Start mining your data and turn it into gold

IT Operations

Predict and prevent problems with a unified monitoring experience

Splunk delivers the technical speed and capacity needed to manage your complex IT environments by providing a secure way to monitor, search and troubleshoot across your infrastructure, applications and services.



Streamline your entire security stack with Splunk as the nerve centre

Modernise, optimise and strengthen your cyber defences to identify and remediate security issues, enhance your investigative abilities and automate reporting and compliance.


Real-time visibility across your entire business

Splunk’s unique investigative approach allows you to translate any infrastructure, system or application data into digestible, actionable insights to power your business operations.

Realise the Splunk advantage across your business


Reduction in the number of events generated by system performance issues


Reduction of total event volume


Reduction in business-impacting incidents


Reduction in mean time to resolve

Keep tabs on the health of applications, and proactively remedy before an application stops responding.

When monitoring response times for several cloud applications, IT is alerted to the fact that one remote office is taking much longer to access their sales CRM than others. Beyond the application itself, there are a number of reasons why this could occur – bandwidth, server or network issues, perhaps even a DDoS attack. With visibility across the entire environment, Splunk is able to pinpoint the problem in real-time, enabling IT to take action before further impacts occur.

Splunk Graphic Monitoring Visibility

Configure Splunk with data-gathering sensors to monitor and maintain production in a factory environment.

Splunk is being used by a mining company to deliver predictive maintenance capability through real-time data gathered from their factory infrastructure. Using sensors attached to their conveyor belt, IT are able to immediately identify interruptions or abnormal results in the data being captured, alerting IT to an issue such as a faulty conveyor belt – before production is impacted.

Splunk Graphic Anomaly

Analyse ERP data to track down, and put a stop to, fraudulent activity.

An engineering company providing equipment and assets to mining, oil and gas companies needed to reduce their risk exposure by implementing preventive and detective capabilities. Splunk was used to uncover anomalies that would otherwise have gone undetected, such as duplicate transactions, write-off of assets, and indefinite rent. In this scenario, Splunk can be configured to not only track down past issues, it can also be set up to alert IT instantly of any suspicious activity.

Splunk Incident Investigation

Ensure a friction-free user experience for employees using VPNs.

The extension of the corporate network via VPNs presents very real security and visibility concerns as the volume of employees working from home continues to increase. Splunk addresses these challenges by providing granular detail on network demands: from the number of concurrent video conferences, to the files being accessed, and the usage of collaboration apps, the solution allows IT to maintain a secure and seamless end user experience at all times.

Screenshot of Splunk VPN monitoring

Find answers to vital questions in a fraction of the time.

A small transport business found themselves unable to quickly locate information around business-critical security and IT operations. With every question posed, they were forced to dig around multiple locations to find the answer. By consolidating all their data into a single repository, Splunk has drastically reduced the amount of time and effort required to answer pressing operational questions.

Splunk Search Query

Sharpen up your Splunk Instance with Services from Data#3

Navigating your way from planning a deployment to realising business value is easier than you think. Data#3’s certified Splunk experts can assist from initial strategy and consultation through to implementation and ongoing analysis.

Architecture: Our team will work with you to carefully consider and identify the data sets, IT ops, apps and IoT data that should be analysed with Splunk, and architect the platform to extract maximum value from these inputs.

Deployment: With the project defined, we’ll help you implement Splunk across the required systems, finetuning the platform to deliver the actionable insights you need to meet your business objectives.

Reporting: You’ll have complete visibility with custom reporting and interactive dashboards, allowing you to investigate, monitor, analyse, and action your data insights quickly.

Best practice: With data pouring into Splunk and real-time insights generated daily, we’ll show you how to turn these insights into opportunities and continue to refine the platform to ensure the value of your investment is maximised.

Enterprise security: With Splunk as your nerve centre, we’ll help you improve your organisation’s security posture with comprehensive risk mitigation, security analysis and response measures.

IT operations analytics: With powerful insights at your fingertips, our team will help you shift to a proactive approach to infrastructure, business and IT monitoring to identify and prevent issues before they occur.

Why choose Data#3?

As a Premiere Splunk partner, Data#3 customers gain the advantage of our unmatched experience, vertical market knowledge and specialised skills to deploy superior operational intelligence solutions across their IT operations, security and analytics.

Get in touch with a Data#3 specialist today to start your Splunk journey with a tailored demonstration. We can also assess your existing deployment to help you unlock more value from your Splunk investment.

Ask about our Rapid Adoption package – with 25GB of data ingestion for the price of 10GB, and Data#3 consultants on hand, it’s the sure-fire way to confidently adopt Splunk and drive immediate value in your organisation.


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