Mining for Gold

Hands down, Splunk is one of the most powerful analytics tools on the market today. Used to collect and analyse machine data from all your data sources – from infrastructure to apps to industrial machines to customers – it gives you invaluable insights into the things that matter to your business.

With Splunk, you can ask any question of any machine data and get actionable answers. Across IT ops, app analytics, security, business analytics and IoT, Splunk makes it easy to make sense of all the data coming in – so your teams can take decisive actions that generate positive results.

3 steps to success with Splunk

To help you get true value from this incredible analytics tool, Data#3’s certified Splunk experts provide end-to-end Splunk services – from initial strategy and consultation, through to implementation and ongoing analysis. We’ll show you how Splunk can mine your machine data and turn it into gold for your business.

Step 1


We will help you work out which data sets, IT ops, apps and even IoT data you should be analysing with Splunk.

Armed with a strategy about what you should be collecting, and why, you’ve got your business case for using Splunk to mine your data.

Step 2


We will help you implement Splunk across the systems that generate data that’s of value to your business.

Splunk is highly scalable and integrates with major platforms to help you get maximum return on your investment.

Step 3


With data pouring into Splunk and insights being generated daily, we’ll show you how to turn these insights into opportunities for your business.

Boost productivity, enhance security, improve app performance or predict the future – it’s all possible.

Choose from 5 core Splunk Solutions

IT Operations

Get real-time monitoring, proactive alerting and visibility into the health of IT services for any level of your organisation.

Security & Fraud

Identify and remediate priority issues, fast. Reduce security investigations from hours to minutes. And automate reporting and compliance tasks.

IoT & Industrial Data

Use industrial asset intelligence and real-time, predictive analytics to minimise unplanned downtime and the high costs that come with it.

Application Analytics

Get real-time visibility across the entire application stack—providing end-to-end views into application performance, transactions and user activity. Deliver faster releases, reduce MTTR and optimise application quality, performance and costs.

Business Analytics

Get visibility into complex business processes, customer behaviour, product usage and digital marketing campaigns with timely and relevant business insights.

Want to gain clarity around your machine data?

If your business is inundated with hundreds of disparate data sources and you can’t keep up with it all, you need Splunk. Fill out this form and a Data#3 Splunk expert will be in touch shortly.

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