The Anywhere Workplace

Enterprise mobility is not just about IT supporting more devices or accommodating apps in the workplace– it’s a shift in technology that is fundamentally changing the landscape of enterprise technology, ICT strategy and workforce culture.

The Anywhere Workplace from Data#3 drives the mobility discussion beyond users and devices to present a practical Mobility Framework, guiding you through the technical considerations and underlying layers crucial to implementing a successful enterprise mobility strategy.

Learn about business benefits, technology challenges and strategic approaches to mobility. Explore how the leading vendors such as VMware, Microsoft and Cisco are approaching this space, and delivering solutions for improved productivity, collaboration and business processes.


Mobility is bigger than you think.

The following video explains how enterprise mobility is much bigger than devices and access to email from your phone.

Security considerations of The Anywhere Workplace

Dive into VDI with our latest blog from Information Assurance Specialist, Logan Daley. 

How many of us have attempted to start our computer in the morning only to have it not start at all, end up applying updates that take forever, or encounter other issues that impact on our day? Almost everybody has experienced this at some point.  Even if you moved to another computer (if one was available) you were probably out of sorts because something was missing – an application, a mapped drive, a printer, something.  Perhaps you needed a specific application installed and had to wait on the help desk, ran into compatibility issues, or maybe something got installed you didn’t want like, oh I don’t know, malware?

Virtual Desk Infrastructure (VDI) isn’t a silver bullet, but it can be close if done right.  In this case, your entire environment exists on a server somewhere – your data centre, a hosted environment, or the cloud.  All your applications, links, customisations, and favourite files.  Whether at your computer, someone else’s, on the road, or at home, you connect in to your VDI and voila!  Everything is there, exactly as you left it.  Start working on something at the office, continue while on the go, finish it up at home.

We call this The Anywhere Workplace… 

Technical Considerations for Mobility in the Enterprise

Enterprise mobility is a fundamental change in business technology and workforce behaviour. Navigate this new world with the help of our white paper.

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Practical resources to get you up to speed on the basics of enterprise mobility and help you envision and plan for your anywhere workplace.

A Framework for Mobility

Providing a holistic view of the full enterprise mobility landscape, this framework will be invaluable to guide your thinking and ignite in-depth IT planning discussions. The framework includes all the necessary components to deliver of a successful mobility strategy, as well as how these components interact with and depend on one another.

The continuing influence of consumer technology is directly impacting how businesses drive their digital transformation. Nowhere is this more evident than in regards to mobility where in 2016, 78% of organisations successfully executed or were actively executing mobile initiatives1. However, this drive for access on the go to powerful while still intuitive applications also amplifies issues around security, delivery, identity and management.

Leveraging VMware Workspace ONE, Data#3’s digital workspaces unite the simplicity of consumer mobility with enterprise grade security. Allowing your business to quickly deliver the widest variety of applications combined with intelligent policy controls and a consistent but still personalised and contextual user experience, across all devices (BYOD and corporate owned), and all apps.

Learn more here about VMware Workspace ONE or see the resources below.

What is a Digital Workspace?

Digital Workspaces provide mobile, anytime access to the core business systems your people need to productive from anywhere, as well as delivering crucial functionality any transformative mobility solution should include such as:

  • one-touch, password-less single sign-on,
  • robust data security,
  • contextual user access management,
  • identity-defined, self-service app catalogue,
  • immediate self-service access to employee on boarding material, and
  • flexible BYOD policies.

See how this technology comes to life in the video below.


The modern workforce isn’t tethered to a desk. With 77% of people citing they are more productive offsite2, have you considered what obstructs your people from working anywhere?

It’s a mobile world after all, and work is not where you go it’s what you do. Microsoft Office 365, the anywhere, always-on mobile productivity platform, empowers your remote workforce with familiar tools, increasing productivity by enabling people to work effectively from virtually anywhere.

However, 65% of Office users underutilise the productivity applications available to them3

When mobile productivity is deployed effectively and fully supported by the business the results speak for themselves; organisations adopting mobile workstyles report 30% better processes and 23% higher productivity and 100% more satisfied employees4.

Learn how mobility can help your people work smarter rather than harder with the resources below.

The cost of ineffective collaboration and poorly performing teams can quickly get out of hand. Studies find that employees waste 31 hrs (or approximately four days) every month in unproductive meetings5 and spend 61% of their time managing work rather than doing it!6

Despite advances in software, equipment and management practices, actual workforce productivity has remained stagnant for 5 consecutive years and is still directly correlated to the number of hours worked7.

So how do we work smarter rather than harder?

Download our latest eBook to learn the collaboration secrets of high-performing teams in today’s anywhere workplace and discover strategies you can implement now to collaborate more effectively.

How healthy is your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

A VDI Health Assessment is a valuable exercise for any desktop transformation, mobility or BYOD project.

Learn more here

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