Secure Managed Print

If you’re not taking your print security seriously, someone else might be!

From humble paper-centric origins, office printers have evolved significantly and are no longer simple pieces of hardware hidden in the corner of your office.

Today’s Multifunction Printers are intelligent devices that contain hard drives, have operating systems, host apps, hold user credentials, and can be accessed directly over the internet. As a result, modern business printers are helping to enable digital transformation, optimising and automating processes previously hindered by a reliance on paper.

However, the advance of print technology has slipped under the radar of many organisations, especially in regard to cybersecurity.


11% of all security incidents are print related1.

Smart print devices must now be treated with the same cybersecurity rigour as any other end point on the corporate network. This sounds like an obvious statement, yet printers are frequently neglected from cybersecurity strategies and organisations are paying the price.

59% of businesses reported at least one print-related data breach last year1.

Apart from the speed of technological advancement, the lack of consideration for print security can also be attributed to the manual intervention required, and until now, the inability to automate processes needed to manage and monitor print devices in the field.

Have you had a print related security incident? Would you realise if you had?

With the February 2018 introduction of The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 – which will include potential fines of up to $360,000 for individuals, $1.8 million for organisations, as well as the risk of civil penalties if a breach fails to be reported – these are critical questions to consider.

Managed Print services that are focused around managing toner and reducing the average cost-per-page no longer meet the true needs of businesses. Managed Print should provide additional business value including in-built print security, user identity management, business process automation and fleet optimisation.

Comprehensive Managed Print Services from Data#3

We’re changing what a Managed Print service should be. Data#3 Secure Managed Print is a comprehensive offering that builds on years of system integration, cloud and IoT expertise, in partnership with HP technology, to help organisations harness the power of their printers. Our approach to Managed Print, includes big data and analytics as well as security, optimisation of your printer fleet, workflow management and cost management as part of a full IoT solution.

Our service is based around 4 key pillars:

With only a minuscule number considered secure, printers have become an increasingly attractive target for malicious activity, especially when you consider the network access they have, the software they all now run and the way we interact with them.

Ensure compliance and protect the information that keeps your company running with our three-pronged approach to printer security:

1. Hardware
Deploy enterprise-class devices featuring built-in industry-leading security technologies such as:

  • Run-time intrusion detection: detects and stops attacks while the device is running and triggers a reboot to repair the system
  • HP Sure Start: detects and prevents the execution of malicious code and self-heals the BIOS
  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager: is a security fleet management solution that checks and fixes device security settings in a reboot
  • Whitelisting: which helps ensure only authentic HP code is loaded into the memory and will reboot and notify IT if compromised

2. Software
Streamline your print security with a simple and intuitive process to manage your entire fleet. Employing HP Security Manager enables you to roll out secure polices and automatically maintain, update and manage all your print devices centrally and efficiently.

You can integrate with your existing System Information and Event Management (SIEM) applications and schedule reoccurring assessments to identify and correct non-compliment features and settings, as well as automated notifications when devices slip out of policy. HP Security Manager also simplifies the typically laborious certificate installation process by providing the ability to automatically install ID and CA certificates across your fleet with just a few clicks. The software will also automatically renew certificates prior to expiry, saving you significant time and manual effort, where previously this would need to be addressed individually device by device.

3. Advisory Services
Take advantage of our certified Secure Managed Print Specialists, they can help you assess your vulnerabilities, address and prove compliance and help you to build comprehensive print security policies based on your business needs, user habits and industry best practices.

To fully understand the risks and how to mitigate them:

When we think of Big Data and Analytics, printers aren’t normally the first thing that springs to mind. However, what if you could centrally detect abnormal printer behaviour in real-time and take actions to protect your business from malicious activity or inappropriate employee behaviour? Or from a servicing perspective, understand in-depth device usage, health, and service, to identify issues with devices before they occur all in a secure and customisable easy to digest format.

You can also use the data to optimise your processes, buying decisions and policies from the types of printers you should have, who can use them and where should they be located. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process either – we have simplified management tools available to provide this rich depth of analysis and reporting.

Take a look at the following video to see the type of data and analytics you could be utilising to improve your print policies.

To fully understand the big data opportunity for print:

Printers may be here to stay, but your business shouldn’t be built around paper. The ability to automate paper- based workflows with printers has been used to great effect to:

  • reduce the need to keep, store or file paper documents
  • enable a full document audit trail
  • lower the risk of confidential information being printed without approval
  • eliminate the time needed to search for paper based documentation in storage
  • eliminate keying errors

While the ability to implement document workflows has been available for years, the unfortunate truth is that implementing a full solution can quickly become complex and expensive, requiring hard coded buttons, complex software and un-intuitive approaches that require constant user training.

Now with app-based devices and familiar Windows-style interfaces, implementing document workflows is significantly easier.

While it’s easy to take printers for granted, HP have continued to roll out new technologies on a regular basis.

HP PageWide Business Printers are the perfect example. This range of printers takes what we thought office printers were capable of to a whole new level.

The secret is a print bar that prints across the page in a single pass delivering:

  • up to 70% less energy consumption
  • printing speeds of 75 pages per minute
  • up to 50 % savings in consumables
  • 90% less consumables packaging
  • plus less service intervention

The result is the lowest total cost of ownership of print devices in its class.

See Pagewide in action in this video:

Why Data#3

Data#3’s Managed Print service is built upon 25 years of successful partnership with HP. As opposed to traditional print suppliers concerned with increasing your reliance and usage of print, Data#3 has crafted a forward-thinking Secure Managed Print Solution.

Uniting our expertise as a systems integrator, cloud and IoT specialist with the innovation and superior security of HP printers, to help organisations truly harness the power of their printer fleet, while managing risk and keeping deployment, management and supply costs in line.


1 Quocirca. (2019). Global Print Security Landscape. [Online] Available at:

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