The Breach – Video Series from HP

New mandatory data breach notification laws come into effect on Feb 22nd, 2018. The new regulations make it compulsory for any organisation with more than $3 million turnover, to notify affected individuals in the instance of a cybersecurity breach.

Almost half of all Australian SMBs with an annual turnover of $3M+ do not consider themselves to be prepared for the mandatory data breach disclosure laws1. 57% of SMBs have not done any sort of IT security risk assessment in the last 12 months1, putting their devices, data and documents at risk. Of those who have undertaken a risk assessment recently just 29% included printers in their review1, a device that is increasingly targeted as an entry point for hackers.

Have you considered the impact of network-connected printers to your data security?

Take look at the latest video series from HP, offering three unique perspectives from a hacker, CEO and journalist.


A hacker’s view on why any business is a target

Ty Miller, Threat Intelligence


A CEO’s perspective on managing risk and law change

Tony Nash, Booktopia


A journalist’s thoughts on brand reputation and trust

Chris Cubbage, Australian Security Magazine


It only takes one unsecure printer to expose your network.
Book a Secure Managed Print appointment, and prepare your business for the new data breach laws.
Because if you’re not taking print security seriously, someone else will be!

1. ACA Research and HP Australia (2018). Fact Sheet: HP Australia IT Security Study. [Online] Available here


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