Aruba EdgeConnect

WAN transformation starts with an

advanced SD-WAN platform

The fundamental nature of applications and network traffic patterns in the enterprise have changed, making it difficult for the traditional router-centric WAN architecture to keep pace with demands.

SD-WAN solutions emerged to deal with this shift, but they have also fallen short of the goal of the fully automated business-driven networks that enterprises now require, especially in this era of multi-cloud and hybrid work models.

Aruba EdgeConnect was designed from the ground up as a single system. It unifies SD-WAN, firewall, segmentation, routing, WAN optimisation, and application visibility and control in one centrally managed platform.

It enables you to build a unified WAN edge that is business-driven, delivers the highest quality of experience, and continuously adapts to changing business needs and network conditions.

Any transport, any cloud, any deployment model



Superior quality of experience

Cloud-first architecture


Cost savings

Make the shift to a business-first networking model

This business-first networking model is where the network conforms to the business, and IT centrally orchestrates QoS and security policies for groups of applications based on intent. Take a closer look at Aruba EdgeConnect.

Aruba EdgeConnect – Taking SD-WAN to a new level

Designed from the ground up to unify SD-WAN, firewall, segmentation, routing, WAN optimisation, application visibility and control in one centrally orchestrated and managed platform.

Six ways a business-driven WAN edge yields a multiplier effect on digital transformation investments

This well-crafted eBook explores six outcomes – from retiring legacy infrastructure to advanced security and freedom of choice – with an ROI and multiplier effect summary.

Evolving your SD-WAN security for a cloud-first world

Modern workers need to be able to connect from any device, in any location, to any app in any location – cloud or on-premises. Traditional SD-WAN security isn’t enough for securing enterprise workloads over such a widely distributed network.

To enable this shift, security needs to move from the data centre to the edge and the cloud – effectively making the data centre just another endpoint in your network architecture.


Data#3 and Aruba

For more than four decades Data#3 has helped customers of all shapes and sizes drive the evolution of their network. As Aruba National Partner of the Year 2021 and ‘as a Service Partner of the Year, Data#3’s expert team is ready to help you build a secure and uninterrupted network connection for everyone that also simplifies your organisation’s IT workload. Get in touch today.

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