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Is your network crashing under the weight of demand?

As workplaces become more digital, and the adoption of mobile and cloud applications grow, the need for secure, high-speed network access is a must. However, with time and budget constraints, how do you tackle this challenge as a small to medium business?


of SMBs use at least one cloud application.1

20 Billion

IoT devices by 2020.1


agree that digital technologies are changing their industry.1


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Checklist for business continuity

Many companies are moving their employees to remote working as part of their business continuity plans. But with employees’ home networks a relative unknown, there are 5 key considerations you can make to ensure a secure and resilient experience.

1. Consistent Office Experience – Seamless application access can extend the workplace desk experience to anywhere that has an Internet or cellular connection. Laptops and VoIP phones work just like they do in the office using a simple desktop client that can be remotely downloaded by the user.

2. Easy Deployment – Speed and agility is critical. Remote Access Points with Zero-Touch provisioning allow IT teams to simply factory ship or directly send out an AP to a remote location – a true plug and play solution.

3. Staying Compliant – Regulatory compliance mandates how data is to be handled, including the separation of data and reporting. Look for solutions that are capable of enforcing administrative policies and assisting with compliance reporting.

4. Keep it Secure – Key features for secure wired and wireless connections should include encryption and user authentication to protect the remote network. In addition, leverage a Policy Enforcement Firewall to extend application and user awareness to the remote site.

5. Simplify Management – Management and reporting solutions can be performed through a single pane of glass, with visibility into information on both individual users and devices. By linking this into other existing IT management software, this provides extensive reporting capabilities, with specialized views for Help Desk, Security/Audit groups, and executive management.

HPE Aruba Virtual Intranet Access (VIA)

The HPE Aruba Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) solution is designed to provide a secure corporate access to employee laptops from home office or mobile hotspots. VIA has two primary purposes:

  • To provide secure corporate access to employee laptops from anywhere
  • To provide ease-of-use for the end users and network administrators

VIA offers a zero touch end user experience and removes the complexity that is associated with configuring VPN clients on end-user devices. VIA provides ease-of-use not only for end users, but it also simplifies configuration and management for the IT team.

Talk to one of our networking specialists to learn more about how VIA can help keep your employees connected.

More Devices, More Demands.

Workers today expect to connect anytime and from anywhere. Irrespective of size or industry, work is becoming increasingly more mobile, and what goes hand in hand with mobility? Devices!

The more devices (compute and IoT), the more demand placed on a network, but the expectation is still to deliver secure, high-speed connections at a low cost. With the IT department already strained, how you prepare your network for this inevitable impact will be key to maintaining uptime and facilitating BYOD models, mobility, staff productivity and a better customer experience.

Download this solution overview from Aruba and discover how your business can overcome network challenges.

Do these Wi-Fi challenges sound familiar?

Complex and time-consuming to implement?

Wi-Fi that just works, Aruba Instant access points provide the performance and reliability that organisations need today.

Aruba Instant Access Points

Lack of visibility?

Streamlined and enterprise-grade. With Aruba Central, everything from setting up the network to monitoring and maintaining it is effortless.

Aruba Central

Slow, unreliable access?

Wired access that’s fast and reliable. Cloud-managed Aruba Switches deliver what you need to maintain IoT devices and keep your organisation running.

Aruba Switches

What’s your right mix?

Use Aruba’s networking product wizard and in less than two minutes, we’ll help you find the right mix of switches, access points and network management solutions for your organisation.

Smart. Simple. Secure.


Data#3 and Aruba

At Data#3, we understand that every organisation delivering the services that their customers and employees demand, requires a robust and reliable network. Helping Australian organisations with consulting, procurement, project services and managed services, we let you focus on what grows your business, with the peace of mind knowing your network will be there to help drive growth.

Data#3 is proud to partner with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, whose cloud-managed networks offer no-fuss configuration and a user experience driven by enterprise-grade performance. At an affordable price with flexible options for any budget, implement what you need, when you need it.

Speak to a Data#3 networking specialist today and align your business and technology strategies to ensure your desired outcomes.

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