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Managing device fleets in a hybrid ecosystem

Best-in-class endpoint management services to optimise today’s evolving workplace

While the difference between small and enterprise businesses is disparate in many ways, one common theme remains universal – the pace of change. The past few years have brought about an unrivalled pace of change across almost all aspects of operation. Least of which being a sudden imperative to completely transform device fleet management to adapt to a disparate and remote workforce.

If a productive PC is a productive employee, then the importance of reconsidering traditional device management processes has never been more important. Operational architectures that deliver you insights, visibility, full lifecycle management and enhanced security capabilities, are what will futureproof your fleet for the evolving workplace.

The workplace as we know it continues to evolve – from a necessity during pandemic times, to a preference in today’s hybrid-minded culture. This hybrid ecosystem continues to present challenges for IT teams and has many IT Managers searching for solutions that enable the IT department to image, deploy, secure, monitor, optimise and renew or fix employee devices, no matter whether they are on-premises, or remote.

“46% of IT professionals plan to bring in external services for device management.”


Adapting to the workplace of tomorrow

Recent years have forced many organisations to move through many working models; hybrid by exception, hybrid by necessity, and now hybrid by design. Traversing these different models has brought with it an increased number of remote devices, escalating security threats, data management, governance and compliance challenges; as well as an increase in cloud-hosted solutions.

With many organisations rushing to adapt, infrastructure that was set up during a time of crisis was often reactionary, short-sighted and non-strategic. The shift to a ‘new-normal’ hybrid workforce has prompted organisations to invest in partnerships and solutions which provide full-circle device fleet management – from procurement, deployment and management services, analytics, security and eventual end of life disposal.

“70% of business leaders believe that improvements in PC quality are needed to support hybrid work more successfully.”

Forrester (2021), Understanding The Role Of Modernized PCs In Hybrid Work Environment Optimization [Online] Available here.

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Optimise the employee device experience with the power of HP Services, delivered by Data#3

What if you could manage your remote device fleet, as if it was on-premises? With HP Services, delivered by Data#3, you can optimise today’s evolving workplace with best-in-class endpoint services.

HP Proactive Insights is an IT service that allows you optimise your employee device experience through the power of predictive analytics and AI-driven insights.

There are many benefits of being able to foresee hardware and application issues in real-time, manage service needs from a central dashboard and resolve problems through automation. Proactive device management means, less burden on IT teams, better employee experiences, practical support, safeguarded data and overall clarity of how your fleet is performing.

Proactive Hardware, Application and Employee Insights.

Device management doesn’t have to be complex. HP Proactive Insights provides a clearer line of sight with multi-vendor, multi-OS device monitoring and management, powered by the HP TechPulse telemetry and analytics platform.

An anywhere and always-on digital workforce presents IT teams with several challenges. HP Proactive Insights, delivered by Data#3, provides a single-pane-of-glass platform, overcoming common visibility challenges allowing you to:

  • Get proactive remediation and actionable recommendations, immediately.
  • Leverage telemetry insights collected from millions of devices, no matter where they are.
  • See real-time device health analytics across hard drives, CPU usage, thermal levels, and battery health.
  • Improve employee experience and engagement, by ensuring devices remain productive.
  • Deploy apps and software in a timely, consistent and scalable way.
  • Remediate hardware issues with automatic BIOS updates on HP Enterprise endpoints.

“Data-driven companies are 58% more likely to beat their revenue goals.”

Collibra/Forrester Consulting (2020), Why data intelligent organizations succeed study. [Online] Available here.


Services that solve your device challenges

Whether you’re preparing for a major fleet upgrade, trying to mitigate risks associated with a lack of visibility and asset management, or are looking for technical support – the full-circle ecosystem of services offered by HP through Data#3, will ensure that your IT team are working efficiently and that your end-users are enabled with a device that does what it should! With six best-in-class endpoint management services, Data#3 and HP align to deliver you a seamless device management experience.


Configuration, deployment, and cloud-delivered setup


Take the fastest route to resolving device issues, with thousands of infield service engineers on-call across Australia.


Deploy HP Wolf endpoint security solutions as the first line of defence to strengthen your organisation’s security posture and safeguard users, devices and data.


Deploy apps and software in a consistent, scalable way. Intelligent automation anticipates, identifies and resolves problem, giving you control over unforeseen issues.


Real-time hardware monitoring and alerts provide full visibility into collaboration space technologies to ensure functionality and up-time is maintained.


From data erasure and device repurposing to deinstallation, sanitisation and recycling.

Data#3 is uniquely positioned to extend on these services, helping you manage all aspects of your multilocation, multi-OS device fleet.

Explore our Device as a Service offering, for a managed lifecycle for all your end user compute needs, with a predictable monthly cost.

Customer Story: City of Fremantle

With a 420-strong desktop fleet approaching end of lease, an operating system that needed upgrading, and an imminent office re-location, the City of Fremantle faced the ‘perfect storm’ with regards to its technology environment.

Why Data#3

Built on a foundation of highly skilled resources, HP expertise and proven success, Data#3 is HP’s largest Power Services partner in Australia. Delivering services nationally to ensure your employees are enabled with a productive and powerful device – empowering their performance.

HP Services, delivered by Data#3 helps with proactively optimising your employee device experience through the power of HP Services. From set-up, fixing, protecting, optimising, collaborating and renewing your device fleet. With a 6-point, best-in-class endpoint services offering, managing your device fleet in a hybrid ecosystem just became less cumbersome.

Contact us for a demonstration of the HP Proactive Insights, powered by the HP TechPulse telemetry and analytics platform to see how your device fleet can benefit from a 6-point, best-in-class endpoint management offering.

Managing device fleets in a hybrid ecosystem shouldn’t be a thorn in your side. Contact Data#3 to learn more and simplify your multi-vendor, multi-OS device monitoring and management practices – because productive employees need productive PCs.

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