Dell Security Solutions

End-to-end cyber security that protects

against constantly evolving cyber threats


Dell provides integrated, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for your organisation, fortifying your core infrastructure, edge devices and cloud deployments.


With the largest number of Dell technical certifications in Australia, Data#3 is uniquely positioned to provide Dell Security Solutions to fulfill your unique cybersecurity requirements.

Data Protection Suite

Backup, restore and ensure protection compliance across a wide range of applications, databases and modern cloud platforms with the Dell Data Protection Suite.

PowerProtect Data Manager

PowerProtect Data Manager provides software-defined data protection, automated discovery, deduplication, operational agility, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.


Whether you’re protecting applications and data within your data centre or public cloud, NetWorker provides the same enterprise-level user experience.

Leverage the data protection that fits your needs best: deduplication, backup to disk and tape, snapshots, replication, and NAS protection, wherever your data may reside. Protect data and applications across multiple physical and virtual environments and from core to edge to the cloud.


Avamar data protection software delivers flexible and efficient backup and recovery operations that can scale from daily backup protection for endpoints to high-performance protection for large enterprises with diverse applications and workloads.

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines delivers continuous data protection for operational and disaster recovery for VMware virtual machines for quick recovery to any point in time.

Quickly and easily replicate data to multiple sites or environments, including public cloud targets, for near-zero recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Data Protection Advisor

Gain actionable insights through visibility, predictability and reporting across your diverse data protection environment. Data Protection Advisor enables you to measure backup and recovery SLAs, track compliance and recoverability, measure performance and review the utilisation and protection status of data and applications across your environment.

Cyber Recovery

In today’s environment, it’s not a matter of if a cyberattack will take place but when. The key is getting back up and running with the least operational and financial disruption.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery maintains the synchronisation of production data with immutable copies stored within an air-gapped onsite vault. You can quickly identify a clean data copy and recover your critical systems if a cyberattack occurs.

CyberSense adds an intelligent layer to help find data corruption when an attack penetrates the data centre. This provides full content indexing and uses machine learning to analyse 100+ content-based statistics to detect signs of corruption. CyberSense finds corruption with up to 99.5% confidence, helping you identify threats and diagnose attack vectors while protecting your business-critical content – all within the security of the PowerProtect Cyber vault.

PowerProtect with APEX Multi-cloud Data Services

An off-site managed service that provides a single target for the backup and recovery of data that reside on-premises and in Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Data Protection Services offers organisations the ability to protect data originating from cloud providers of their choice with one copy of data deduplicated across all clouds. It also protects on-premises applications and simplifies networking and operations. Organisations can have one consistent data protection storage strategy instead of managing data stored separately on-premises and in each public cloud.

Trusted Data Protection Infrastructure

The modern, resilient and intelligent technology foundation for your zero trust architecture.

PowerProtect Data Protection Appliances

Offering all-in-one data protection software and storage within a single appliance, Dell’s Data Protection Appliances deliver backup, replication, deduplication, recovery, search and analytics for organisations of all sizes.

Features include:

  • Systems starting at 8 TB to 288 TB usable capacity
  • Flexible consumption models
  • Cloud long-term retention and cloud DR-ready
  • VMware integration

PowerProtect Data Domain Appliances

Dell’s Data Domain (DD) Appliances combine backup, archive, disaster and cyber recovery capabilities with enterprise performance, efficiency and scale.

The DD series is the preferred target appliance for Dell PowerProtect Data Manager, integrated with Dell CloudIQ, and support Data Protection Suite enhancements and many other third-party backup applications.

Features include:

  • Sizes from 4 TB to 1.5 PB of usable capacity
  • Software-defined version for ROBO, entry-level and cloud environments — starting at 1 TB
  • Cloud long-term retention and cloud DR-ready
  • Cyber recovery integration


CloudIQ is a cloud-based AIOps application for core, edge and cloud infrastructure. Combining proactive monitoring, machine learning, and predictive analytics CloudIQ allows you to take quick action and simplify operations of your on-premises infrastructure and data protection in the cloud.

Monitoring and predictive analytics combine human and machine intelligence to ensure your IT infrastructure meets business demands.


Intelligent data isolation, AI-powered detection, and intrinsic zero trust features make PowerScale the world’s most secure scale-out network-attached storage solution. With a flexible software-defined architecture that can be run in the edge, core or cloud, PowerScale provides organisations with the ability to provision capacity and performance as required.

Endpoint Security

With breaches now happening above and below the operating system, you need intelligent solutions that prevent, detect and respond to threats wherever they occur.

Carbon Black

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard is an industry-leading next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and behavioural endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. The Carbon Black service is delivered through the VMware Carbon Black Cloud.

This endpoint protection platform reduces administration and protects against the full spectrum of modern cyberattacks, including the ability to detect, prevent, and respond to known malware and unknown non-malware attacks.

Dell PC Security

Dell offers the most secure commercial PCs, with integrated security above and below the operating system. Above the OS, Dell SafeGuard and Response prevents, detects and responds to threats, and data is protected on the device and in the cloud with Dell SafeData.

Dell’s PC Security reaches below the OS to detect BIOS tampering with Dell SafeBIOS, secure user credentials with Dell SafeID’s dedicated security chip, and keep information private with Dell SafeScreen and SafeShutter.

Tamper-evident seals and the ability to reset the hard drive to NIST specifications to ensure a clean slate are part of Dell’s industry-leading SafeSupply Chain service.

Dell trusts Data#3

In times of uncertainty, it’s crucial to have steadfast, capable partners.

Over many years, Dell’s partnership with Data#3 has helped customers build better, resilient businesses.

Across the network, data centre, workplace and cloud, Data#3 helps customers optimise and protect their IT by combining skilled resources with robust and secure technologies from across the Dell Technologies group.

A Titanium Solutions Provider Partner with the largest number of technical certifications in Australia, Data#3 is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end services that enable your customers to secure their data, optimise budgets and maximise outcomes.

  • First ANZ certified Dell Technologies Cloud Platform Partner
  • Master Services Competency in Hybrid Cloud Data Centre Virtualisation
  • Certified across Dell EMC client, converged infrastructure, storage and data protection portfolios
  • Transformational Partner of the Year for the APJ Region, 2020
  • Server Partner of the Year ANZ, 2020
  • Dell EMC Presidents Circle Awards, 2019
  • Dell EMC ANZ Solution Provider of the Year, 2019

Data#3 and Dell Technologies have worked closely together to design solutions to be more secure, efficient, manageable and responsive to business needs. As the 2020 Transformational Partner of the Year for the APJ region, as well as the ANZ 2019-2020 Server Partner of the Year and the first ANZ partner to secure the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform Certification, Data#3 is best positioned to help you leverage Dell Technologies to secure your customers’ networks, data centres and clouds.

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