Cohesity Backup as a Service

How Data Backups Are Costing Your Company -

And How To Fix It

Just because your data is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean that protecting that data is solely someone else’s responsibility. It’s a common misconception.

As we put more and more of our valuable data in the cloud – is it time to re-examine your current data protection strategies?

47% of SaaS data is lost due to malicious deletion and service unavailability1

Consider backing up your SaaS data with Modern Backup as a Service

1.  Simplify backup and easily on-ramp to hybrid and multicloud

  • Reduce management complexity with a single managed solution that scales without limits
  • Save time with an enterprise-grade data protection solution that supports predefined policies and auto-discovery of workloads
  • Eliminate unnecessary data copies and move data efficiently and securely, onsite and off, while protecting in the cloud
  • Enable developers and data analysts to uncover insights from all enterprise data in a self-service model

2.  Consolidate data silos and do more with your data

  • Protect on-premises and cloud data and defend backups from becoming ransomware targets no matter where data resides
  • Gain flexible recovery on-premises or in the cloud reducing downtime with efficient restores
  • Quickly search and analyse data across hybrid and multicloud.
  • Use advanced cloud services to ensure compliance, enhance security and derive new insights from your data.

3.  Gain cost predictability and business agility in uncertain times

  • Eliminate CapEx procurement headaches and infrastructure maintenance costs.
  • Move to simple and predictable capacity pricing.
  • Cut costs with all-in pricing and ongoing functionality updates.
  • Adjust capacity on demand – without waiting on lengthy procurement cycles.

Cohesity DataProtect: Simple and reliable backup, at your service

  • Protect both on-premises and cloud workloads
  • Back up and recover Microsoft 365, AWS, VMware, NAS, SQL and more
  • Set it up in minutes
  • Scale on demand

Get started today

Data#3’s team of Cohesity and managed service delivery experts will help you find the right modern backup and recovery solution to protect your data everywhere—both in the cloud and in your data centre.

Experience it for yourself. Trial Cohesity DataProtect delivered ‘as a Service.

Get 3 months free when you purchase a 12-month subscription of DataProtect delivered as a Service.

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