Accelerate your journey into modern communications

with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Do your staff have the ability to work from anywhere, at any time while remaining secure? Nearly 60% of people feel less connected to their colleagues since moving to remote work. Does your meeting solution allow everyone to feel like an equal participant, whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go?

Experience Microsoft Teams Rooms in your own environment, and see the tangible benefits it brings to all staff.

Discover the ‘Art of Possible’ through interactive workshops showcasing the capabilities of hybrid meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Experience  the power of Teams Hybrid Meetings. Your users will experience Microsoft Teams meetings no matter where they are with the deployment of two Teams Room systems.

Plan the steps of deployment of Microsoft Teams meetings and meeting rooms across your organisation.

Experience the power of modern communications with Microsoft Teams Rooms Launchpad

Remote and hybrid work has made it challenging for all participants to feel equal in meetings, with unbalanced experiences depending on where and how the participant is joining.

Microsoft Teams meetings and Microsoft Teams Rooms bridge the physical and digital worlds with enriched audio and video to connect every individual on a level playing field.

Our expert consultants will showcase how Hybrid Meetings on Microsoft Teams can be used to improve your meeting experiences – before, during and after the meeting.

Two Microsoft Teams Rooms systems will be deployed into your office location/s so that you can experience how Microsoft Teams Rooms can seamlessly connect and provide a consistent experience for all meeting participants no matter where they are.

Finally, we will work with your technical and business stakeholders to build a plan towards deploying Microsoft Teams meetings and meeting rooms across your business.

Why Microsoft Teams Rooms Launchpad?

Teams Rooms Launchpad provides you everything you need to discover, experience and plan your hybrid meetings deployment with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Understand your meeting scenarios, user profiles and objectives for meetings in your organisation.
Gain insights into how the Microsoft Teams meeting platform and features can level the playing field for all meeting participants.
Demonstrate how Microsoft Teams Rooms can bridge the gap between physical meeting spaces and remote users.
Build the plan to transition from your current state to Microsoft Teams Rooms across all meeting rooms and spaces.

What to expect:

During this engagement, we’ll demonstrate the broad capabilities of Microsoft Teams meetings and Microsoft Teams Rooms to your technical and business stakeholders through several interactive ‘Art of Possible’ sessions.

Next, we will configure and install two Microsoft Teams Rooms into your offices so you can experience Microsoft Teams Hybrid Meetings across both physical rooms and remote participants.

Finally, we will conduct collaborative workshops to help you deploy Microsoft Teams meetings and Microsoft Teams Rooms across your organisation.

  • Assess your current state and provide an overview of hybrid meetings and Microsoft Teams Rooms.
  • Discover the ‘Art of Possible’ with a tailored suite of sessions to demonstrate the rich, integrated meeting experience using Microsoft Teams. Learn how you can successfully conduct any meeting type – from internal corporate meetings, to webinars and 10,000 attendee Microsoft Live Events.
  • Experience hybrid meetings with deployment of Teams Rooms systems into two office meetings spaces.
  • Evaluate the learnings from the deployment against defined success criteria to use for future planning and deployment.
  • Build the plan and develop the roadmap to deploy hybrid meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms in your business.



Kick-off Meeting


‘Art of Possible’ Sessions




Evaluate Success

Build the Plan

Evaluate Results and Optimise

Who should attend?

The workshop is intended for technical and non-technical business stakeholders such as:


  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • System Administrators
  • Network and Telecommunications Admins
  • Security Architects
  • IT Operations
  • Service desk managers
  • Department leads
  • Organisational Change managers
  • Customer Experience managers
  • Facilities and Office managers


Why Data#3?

When it comes to collaboration solutions and endpoint security you need an experienced partner. Data#3 is Microsoft’s largest Australian business partner with the highest certified level of competency across the Microsoft ecosystem. Our hundreds of accredited consultants are ready to help.

From enhancing productivity and collaboration with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and the latest Surface devices, to transforming business processes with Dynamics 365, and getting the most value from Azure cloud, Data#3 has you covered.

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