A vast array of users, devices and ‘things’ are connecting to the network creating a host of new IT challenges, particularly when it comes to protecting the network. You need precision control over who, and under what circumstances, users and devices can access the network – all without impacting the business or user experience.

Acting as your network gatekeeper, Aruba ClearPass is the only policy platform that centrally enforces all aspects of enterprise-grade access security to deliver unrivalled protection and operational efficiencies.

  • A comprehensive view of devices and users with granular control over what they can access
  • Safely onboard devices without IT involvement
  • Protect IT resources with dynamic policy controls and real-time threat remediation
  • Easily integrates with existing network security, business and IT systems
  • Fast and simple guest access with customisation, branding and sponsor-based approvals
  • Single sign-on support works with Ping, Okta and other identity management tools.
  • Works across any multivendor wired, wireless and SD-WAN infrastructure


ClearPass in Action

Learn how The Southport School uses ClearPass for full network visibility, improving security and BYOD policy controls with insights and workflow automation.


ClearPass Policy Manager


Secure the network with ClearPass

Visibility – Always know what’s connected across your wired and wireless multivendor environment.

Control – No unknown devices – all devices are authenticated or authorised, and you maintain total control over what they can access.

Response – Adaptive response brokering best of breed security solutions to deliver security to known and unknown attack vectors.

Resources to learn more about Aruba ClearPass

Dissecting Aruba ClearPass


IOT is everywhere Blog

Dissecting Aruba ClearPass

A lack of network visibility is a major challenge faced by IT teams every day. However, that problem vanishes with ClearPass, the hidden gem in Aruba’s industry-leading security portfolio.

A history of ClearPass innovation

Review all the pioneering product enhancements that have made ClearPass the most trusted solution for authenticating and protecting the enterprise network today.

Wrangling IoT with ClearPass

Poorly secured IoT devices are putting your business at risk. Discover the advanced profiling, policy enforcement, and onboarding needed to get ahead of advancing IoT security risks.

Data#3 and Aruba

Data#3 is proud to partner with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, whose cloud-managed networks offer a flexible, feature-rich solution for any-sized business with various procurement models, including ‘as-a-Service. We are the Aruba National Partner of the Year 2021 and the ‘As a Service Partner of the Year for the Asia Pacific and Japan region, in recognition of our “Customer First, Customer Last” excellence.

Start your ClearPass journey with Data#3

For a demonstration or 90-day free trial of ClearPass, please contact a Data#3 networking specialist today.


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