Cisco Intersight

Remote Data Centre Management; Automated and At Your Fingertips

On-premises server and data centre management present a variety of considerations for organisations. Traditional data centre management platforms have been designed to minimise the complexity of managing the infrastructure they run on. The on-premises approach has presented a number of challenges, such as staff training and management, software upgrades and storage consumption. Unfortunately, a traditional on-premises data centre management approach is subject to the same challenges as the infrastructure it’s been designed to manage and can be a significant drain on resources and systems.

Although on-premises tools can promise centralised management, many fail to deliver that benefit. This failure can result in operational support teams still having to manage many aspects of their data centre environments on a box-by-box basis.

Cisco has removed the complexity of tool deployment, maintenance, and upgrades, by leveraging the agility of cloud services to create Cisco Intersight – a cloud delivered management platform to streamline both centralised and distributed data centres alike.

Manage your data centre remotely with Cisco Intersight. With embedded analytics for both Cisco and third-party IT infrastructure, Cisco gives you the flexibility and security of a simple, centralised, and secure solution. Reduce time and budget spent on maintaining existing on-premises management.

  • Time: Reduce the time and effort required to manage your data centre.
  • Security: Manage your environment simply, in one centralised location, with a clear view of your vulnerabilities and security status.
  • Simple and Centralised: Gain visibility over your entire server fleet in the click of a button with a simple and centralised solution.
  • Cloud-powered: Expand your cloud-based data management strategy with remote management.
  • Tailored to You: Customise your user interface to users and roles, for a dynamic and relevant experience.

Seamlessly manage your data centres, and applications they support, with Cisco Intersight.

Video Resources

Introduction to Cisco Intersight

In this video, we explain what Cisco’s SaaS platform, Intersight is. Leveraging the pre-existing UCS platform, Cisco Intersight is designed to help customers manage their data centres in a way that helps identify problems and solve them, faster than ever before.

Guide to Cisco Intersight

In this video, we introduce you to Cisco Intersight, and how it can be used to give a comprehensive view of your servers, and their performance.

Connecting Devices

In this video, we demonstrate how to connect your device into Cisco Intersight. In this demonstration, we leverage UCS manager to connect devices into Intersight.

Dashboard Overview

In this video, we show what you’ll experience when you first log into Cisco Intersight, including the out-of-the-box widgets that will appear on the dashboard, and how to get immediate information on your servers.

Customising Dashboards

In this short video, learn how you can leverage Cisco Hyperflex to customise dashboards in Cisco Intersight.

Checking Contract Status

In this short video, we explain how you can quickly check contract status of your servers in Cisco Intersight.

Security Advisories

In this video, we explain how to locate the Security Advisories within Cisco Intersight, without logging into each individual server, reducing operational costs and management.

Creating a TAC Case

In this video, we demonstrate how to create a Cisco TAC case within Cisco Intersight.

Crossform Functions

In this video, we demonstrate the crossform function available within Cisco Intersight, and how this connects with UCS manager.


In this video, we explain how partner integrations with Cisco Intersight allow for orchestration within the platform.

Pure Storage Integration

In this video, we demonstrate how Cisco’s work with storage partner Pure Storage appears in Cisco Intersight.

In this video, we demonstrate the power of the Cisco Intersight mobile application, for access on the go.

Experience the Data#3 difference

As a Cisco Master Specialised Partner and Cisco ANZ Partner of Year (2022), Data#3 is uniquely equipped to help you overcome evolving workplace challenges to achieve your business objectives.

Manage your data centre from anywhere. Free for Cisco UCS and Cisco HyperFlex customers, ask us about setting up Cisco Intersight for your organisation below.

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