Cisco Master Specialised

Bringing together consulting, technical expertise, industry partnerships, and Cisco’s market-leading technology, Data#3 is uniquely equipped to help you overcome evolving technology challenges to achieve your business objectives.

Our Cisco expertise has been recognised by Cisco over many years, through our Gold Partner Status and Cisco Master Specialisation and recent awards:


Global Enterprise Networking Partner of the Year 2019

1st Place

ANZ Enterprise Networking Partner of the Year 2020

Star trophy

Global Software Partner of the Year 2018

Like Badge

ANZ Customer Experience Partner of the Year 2020

See all our Cisco awards.

Technology Expertise

Through a committed partnership, our technical team has developed deep expertise across Cisco’s portfolio, giving Data#3 an edge when it comes to navigating the complexity of the digital era and solving your business challenges with the best technology solutions. As a globally recognised partner, Data#3 has unparalleled expertise in Cisco’s technology portfolios, including:

Cisco Solutions

Intent-Based Infrastructure

Cisco’s expanding use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has changed how infrastructure is designed, provisioned, and maintained. Where legacy infrastructure, manual configuration tasks and traditional scripting tools are inherently inefficient, next-generation platforms use policies to define the operational outcomes and dynamically create device-specific configuration. These configurations are then automatically applied throughout the infrastructure to ensure the availability, security, and performance of business applications.

This approach, deemed ‘intent-based’ configuration, is used to radically optimise campus networking, data centre, and SD-WAN services.

Cisco Security

As Cisco Master Security Specialists, Data#3 implements best-in-class Cisco security solutions to help safeguard businesses from evolving security threats. Our team of highly qualified Cisco Security Consultants develop solutions to reduce complexity and fragmentation, while providing visibility, control, and advanced threat protection across the extended network and attack continuum. Learn more about Cisco Umbrella – the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway in the cloud – ask us about a Cisco Duo free trial, or explore our Cisco security solutions.

Modern Workplace – Cisco Collaboration Suite

Cisco’s comprehensive portfolio of collaboration and mobility tools bring technology and people together to elevate productivity, efficiency and success. From improving your team’s focus with Webex – or Webex for Education – through to delivering seamless meeting experiences with Webex Collaboration Hardware, Data#3 can help you deliver solutions and experiences to power high-performing teams.

To improve your team’s Webex experience, our team of adoption specialists will work with you to understand your own business processes, and how Webex can be quickly and easily integrated into your day-to-day operations. Don’t let your team wander in the wasteland of misunderstanding, leverage our Webex Adoption resources and talk to us today about getting the most from your Webex investment.

Discover why Data#3 was appointed as a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner and learn more about our broader collaboration solutions.

Cisco Software Services and Maintenance

With extensive experience across software licensing, asset management, end user training and adoption support, Data#3 has also developed a rich set of Cisco Software Lifecycle Services to help you streamline your software landscape and reduce your technology spend.

To better understand your Cisco investment and manage infrastructure, we built Lifecycle 360 – a lifecycle tool that brings together all your Cisco contracts, devices and data into the one seamless, real-time management system. Bring order to maintenance contract chaos, Lifecycle 360 offers intuitive dashboards to help you deploy and monitor devices, submit support requests, self-serve budgeting advice, verify support and warranty terms, live chat with customer support and plenty more.

Lifecycle Approach

Data#3 has developed an approach to help customers remove the barriers that prevent projects from delivering the desired outcome.

This approach to assisting customers through a defined lifecycle is unique, and a key reason Cisco awarded us ANZ Customer Experience Partner of the Year (2020). Our lifecycle approach helps customers to join the dots across clearly defined solution phases.

While the Customer Success Lifecycle helps guide customer’s own activities, Data#3 provides a range of services aligned with each of the phases. These include:

Cisco Lifecycle Approach

Cisco Certifications

Reseller Certification

  • Gold Certified Partner

Reseller Specializations

  • Master Collaboration Specialization
  • Master Security Specialization
  • Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Security Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization

Authorizations – Software Specialties

  • SaaS Simple Resale
  • SaaS Collaboration
  • Enterprise Agreements – Collab-Flex Plan
  • Enterprise Agreements – Collab-Flex Plan On-Prem Meetings
  • Enterprise Agreements – Collab-Flex Plan On-Prem Calling
  • Enterprise Agreements – Collab-UC TP PC
  • Enterprise Agreements – Data Center Cloud
  • Enterprise Agreements – Data Center ACI and HyperFlex
  • Enterprise Agreements – DNA Switching Wireless Routing
  • Enterprise Agreements – Meraki
  • Enterprise Agreements – Security Choice
  • Enterprise Agreements – Security Enterprise

Authorizations – Other

  • Adoption Services Support
  • Internet of Things
  • Umbrella for MSSPs

Partner Designations

  • Lifecycle Advisor
  • Lifecycle Advisor for Enterprise Networking
  • Lifecycle Advisor for Enterprise Agreements
  • Lifecycle Advisor for Cisco Collaboration
  • Global Partner Network Agent
  • Global Partner Network Host


  • Cisco Try And Buy Partner
  • Cisco Partner Ecosystem
  • Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment
  • Cisco Buying Models Commerce Certification

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