Webex Modern Meeting Experience

Facilitating a safe return to the office

Maintain a collaborative culture while minimising risk and maximising productivity

With offices standing idle last year, so too did in-office collaboration tools and devices. And it’s clear a lot has happened since then. We’ve evolved the way we work and the way we use collaboration tools to keep productive. With many employees reluctant to return to the old arrangements, the responsibility is now on organisations to provide an engaging hybrid work environment, combining both remote and face-to-face interactions.


of global employees prefer to continue working from home for at least 2 days a week.1

Gartner predicts that by


in-person meetings will account for just 25% of enterprise meetings.2


To facilitate this evolution, Cisco has developed an innovative range of new devices, peripherals and management tools – centred around creating not just a safe workforce, but a more collaborative, enjoyable and productive one, too.

Webex In Room Devices

Webex in-room devices

Improve the in-office meeting experience with artificial intelligence, voice activation, and wireless presentation features for hygienic, zero-touch participation.

Webex Headsets

Webex headsets

Stay focused on the job at hand and keep productivity flowing with headphones that clearly capture the speaker’s voice whilst filtering background noise.

Webex Personal Devices

Webex personal devices

Make the best impression with 4k ultra-HD video web cams, personalised hot desking experiences and AI-powered desktops for flawless conferencing and co-creation.

Webex Edge Video Mesh

Webex Edge Video Mesh

Ease the connectivity congestion of increased video conferencing and content sharing with. Keep media on-premises and allow meetings to overflow to the cloud as needed.

Webex Meeting Room Devices

Reinvent workstyles and workplaces to improve your team’s focus and productivity

Webex Room Kit

An unparalleled video and audio experience

Designed for the huddle workstyle, the Webex Room Kit brings next-gen smarts to your small-to-medium team collaboration rooms. The AI-powered videoconferencing solution includes a discreet camera, high quality speakers and dual microphones, all integrated into a single device. When connected to a flat panel display, it delivers the functionality and sophistication of full-scale collaboration environments to more compact spaces.

  • Automatic participant detection to ensure the speaker is always in frame
  • Automatic noise suppression to reduce disruptions
  • Dual screens and content sources with wireless sharing
  • People count, for usage metrics and resource allocation
  • 4K content for sharper presentations
  • Macros to allow for meeting personalisation

Webex Board

Wireless presentation, digital whiteboarding and video conferencing in a touch-based device.

Unmatched by any other solution on the market, the Webex Board is an all-in-one digital whiteboard and collaboration device ideal for creative teams where co-creation between employees in physical rooms and virtual spaces is the primary focus.

  •  Available in 55, 70 or 85-inch edge LED LCD versions
  • Powerful high-resolution 4K camera with 83-degree field of view
  • Create, collaborate, annotate and share whiteboards
  • Share presentations wirelessly – no accessories needed
  • Make high-definition video or high-fidelity audio calls
  • Intelligent features include facial recognition, automatic noise suppression and people count

Webex Desk Series

Work seamlessly with an easy to integrate desktop display

Facilitate secure and immersive communication with Webex Desk Series. These premium HD video conferencing and digital whiteboarding desktop devices are purpose-built to integrate with all your favourite collaboration apps, ensuring a seamless experience between in-office and remote workers.

Watch the Webex Desk Pro in action

Webex Desk Pro

Support your people with a powerful, professional experience no matter where they work. The true hero of the Desk Series, the all-in-one Webex Desk Pro delivers engaging, intelligent functionality to support collaboration and co-creation across geographical boundaries.

  • Annotate on an interactive, touch-redirect, 4K 27-inch display
  • USB-C input allows connection of PC or Mac for content sharing, laptop charging, and use as an external monitor
  • Cognitive collaboration capabilities including Webex Assistant, virtual backgrounds, facial recognition, noise detection and suppression.

Webex Desk Hub

As office footprints shrink and workstyles change, the Webex Desk Hub is tailor-made for the hybrid workforce. It turns any hot desk into a personal desk by allowing users to connect to their personal profile, pair devices, tick off to-dos, catch up on important messages, make and receive calls, and join meetings – it’s always ready to go.

  • High quality video conferencing and phone calls
  • Easy to connect personal devices such as cameras, headsets, displays, laptops and mobiles
  • Reserve a desk using laptop, mobile or ID card to certify the user’s identity
  • Collects real-time environmental data, occupancy, and desk usage.

Webex Desk Camera

Perfect for the home, the office and anywhere in between – this smart and powerful desk camera will take your meetings to the next level. It’s the only USB webcam with the power of Webex so it works seamlessly with your laptop, mounted on monitors or with the Webex Desk Hub.

  • Vivid colour video conferencing – no matter the lighting conditions
  • Facial recognition and occupancy metrics
  • Mute and unmute your microphone with a simple gesture
  • Easy to install via a USB connection
  • Remote IT management via the Webex platform.

Webex DX80

The forerunner to the Webex Desk Pro, the Webex DX80 empowers dynamic teams with high-quality video, crystal clear audio and an interactive interface. For the hybrid workforce, it creates a true immersive experience that promotes seamless collaboration and communication.

  • Intuitive, multi-touch 23-inch LCD display
  • Create whiteboard content and annotate shared content
  • Full-duplex, full-band audio and high-quality HD video
  • Seamless integration with Webex for video conferencing

Unified communication capabilities to replace your IP phone.

Which collaboration tool best supports your modern workplace?

Our graphic compares the latest Webex Desk Pro with its predecessor, the Webex DX80 to help you determine which collaboration device you need.


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