November 15, 2020

How to choose the right surface device: a guide for the enterprise

The Surface family has recently undergone a makeover that goes more than skin deep. Less about looks, the upgrades are all about power and performance, making these Surface devices an even more attractive option for the enterprise user.

With seven Surface devices to choose from, the options are extensive, and matching user needs to the right device requires careful planning.

To help, we’ve put together this helpful guide to building the perfect Surface fleet.

Surface Pro X

A premium device with appealing laptop to tablet portability that is ultra-thin and always connected. It’s the perfect companion for on-the-go executive who needs the ability to get work done from anywhere.

Surface Pro X for your executive team

Premium is really the key here. The latest Pro X iteration has the power with a second-generation processor – Microsoft’s proprietary SQ2 – now available to complement the larger 16GB RAM option.

The main difference is the upgraded ARM chipset. It’s a clever inclusion, as not only does the new chipset architecture deliver much better graphics performance and battery life, it also runs at a much lower heat- ensuring a thinner device with an edge-to-edge screen.

In a sign that there’s bigger things to come, Surface Pro X also features a second chip that’s dedicated to supporting AI technology. One such feature is Eye Gaze which makes it appear you are looking at the camera, rather than the screen during Teams calls. Yes, this is only scratching the surface of AI’s potential, but there’s already whispers of more impressive features on the horizon, such as integration with Cortana.

Connectivity is another huge bonus for users who are highly mobile. It’s LTE-enabled and comes with an eSim and Nano sim, making it virtually impossible to not have connectivity. It’s also easy to adapt the way you use the device: for example, the type cover features a recess near the fold where it magnetically attaches to the screen to neatly stow and charge the Surface Pen.

Surface Pro 7

Featuring laptop-to-tablet versatility with faster processing, more connections, and all-day battery life, information workers, creative professionals and education customers will be supported across all of their requirements.

Surface Pro 7 for almost your entire team

This device has great all-rounder appeal. Of all the Surface devices it’s the one most frequently updated, it’s the most popular model, and it’s really what kick-started the Surface revolution.

This is partly due its impressive versatility with a tablet-to-laptop form factor and connectivity options that cover all the bases –USB-A, USB-C, headphone jack, Surface Connect port, Surface Type Cover port, MicroSD card reader, and Pen compatibility.

The high-resolution display is perfect for presenting work and it’s powerful enough to run graphics-intensive programs. In fact, the latest iteration of this device boasts processing speeds 200% faster than its predecessor, thanks to the intel 10th Gen processor. When you add Surface Pen to the equation, you get a digital inking experience as natural and fluid as pen and paper.

The device has been designed with collaboration in mind, with a Windows Hello-enabled 5MP front facing 1080p camera ideal for crystal clear video conferencing. Plus, there’s an 8mp rear-facing 1080p camera.

Surface Laptop Go

For those who prefer a traditional clamshell laptop experience, Surface Laptop Go delivers in full. This device is perfect for executives, remote workers and those who work with large data volumes and files.

Surface Laptop Go for information workers, and field and sales reps

For employees who want to get it all done in a thin, light and traditional laptop design, the brand new Surface Laptop Go ticks all the boxes.

Often compared to the MacBook Air for its physical appearance and specs, Surface Laptop Go is the most popular, slim and stylish Surface laptop in the line-up.

Despite its generous 12.45-inch touchscreen, the Laptop Go weighs in at just 1.11kg – down from the previous generation’s 1.54kg. It comes with a full-size keyboard and trackpad, and a premium, durable finish that resists dirt. The keyboard itself offers a great typing experience, as it was intentionally designed for good key travel and space between keys.

Under the hood, Laptop Go has plenty of muscle thanks to its 10th Gen Intel Ice Lake processor – i5 or i7 available – with the choice of 4, 8 and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. The impressive power is backed up by an equally impressive 11.5 hours battery life, and fast charging to get the device up to 80% charge in just one hour.

Surface Book 3

An adaptable design, serious power and excellent graphics come together to support workers who want to achieve more at home, at work or on the go.

Surface Book 3 for engineers, designers and researchers

Surface Book 3 is a high-performance device that empowers users to manipulate large data files and use memory-intensive programs, such as pro-grade CAD apps – all while multi-tasking. The inclusion of pen and touch also serve to enrich the user’s creative process. And for remote work, best-in-class conferencing tools ensure a premium video and audio experience.

As with all Surface devices, these high-powered tasks are backed up with full mobility and all-day battery to ensure there’s no lag or loss of power when its most needed.

Surface Go 2

This portable 2-in-1 device, complete with touchscreen and long-lasting battery, has multiple applications as an information kiosk, Point of Sale device or as an off-site device for mobile workers.

Surface Go 2 as a single-purpose kiosk

Windows kiosk mode is a feature of Windows 10 devices – including the Surface Go 2 – that acts as a lockdown mechanism restricting users to run a single application in full screen. In this mode, the device can be placed in a public setting, such as a stand-alone station or wall-mounted, for a single purpose without fear of improper usage.

For the enterprise customer, the flexibility and convenience of kiosk mode unlocks a whole range of use cases.

For example, users can set up a point-of-sale terminal in retail, an informational directory in a building lobby, a restaurant self-service station, or a self-check in at hotels. It can even be used as a signage device, featuring advertisements.

Using a device as a kiosk often means it must be plugged in for extended periods, adversely impacting the lifespan of a battery. To avoid this, Surface Go 2 offers battery protection which allows limits to be configured using the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) settings, maintaining battery performance and avoiding problems such as battery swelling.

Surface Go 2 for mobile workers

The size of Surface Go 2 ensures mobile workers have a flexible tool that can support a range of tasks. The Fast Charging feature, 11 hours battery life, Near Field Communication (NFC), LTE connectivity and eSim inclusion are equally supportive of a mobile working style.

We’ve seen Surface Go 2 used by fire and emergency services to kit out several hundred volunteer firefighters in the field. We’ve also seen a correctional service ramp up device durability with ruggedised cases before so that inmates so they could stay in touch with family during COVID-19 visiting restrictions.

This adaptable little device offers plenty of use cases for your device fleet thanks to its accessible price point, appealing connectivity options and surprising power.

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