October 05, 2020

What’s new in the Surface Pro X?

Samantha White
Microsoft Surface Sales Team Leader at Data#3
Since its launch in 2019, the ultra-portable Surface Pro X has become the jewel in the crown of the Surface family. The 2-in-1’s tidy black aesthetic, thin profile and light 774g design quickly made it a desirable accessory for the business crowd, and a great high-end addition to business fleets.

Now, Surface Pro X is about to go to another level, with Microsoft’s recent announcement. It’s sleek, industrial design will be available in a new Platinum finish, in addition to Matte Black. The keyboard will also available in three new colours1: Ice Blue, Poppy Red, and Platinum, in addition to Black.

However, business users should note that the latest round of upgrades aren’t just about what’s on the outside. For this refresh, it’s what they’ve put inside that really matters.

But before we get into that though, let’s get a quick refresher on the device form factor:

  • Display: almost edge-to-edge thanks to the seriously thin bezels on a 13-inch PixelSense display
  • Chassis: anodised aluminium with carbon composite fanless thermal cooling
  • Kickstand: adjustable hinge allows you to recline the screen to almost flat for more viewing angles
  • Keyboard: optional attachable keyboard with a fabric coating
  • Slim Pen: easy to hold with magnets that slip into the keyboard charger slot and flips the pen if incorrectly inserted
  • Weight: a feather-light 774g for the device itself, or 1.109kg with the keyboard attached

What’s new inside the Surface Pro X?

Options for processing power

While Microsoft’s first generation SQ1 processor will remain paired with 8GB RAM, a second-generation processor – the SQ2 – is now available to complement the larger 16GB RAM option. The main difference here is the ARM chipset upgrade delivering boosted performance, so your decision between the first and second gen processors will really depend on your expected workloads. The second-generation chipset offers a notable boost in performance, making it best suited for users reliant on power hungry graphics, video apps and software.

Very-welcome support coming for 64bit apps

Surface Pro X is currently only able to run 32bit apps or 64bit-compatible apps – not pure 64bit apps (that is, 64bit apps without a version built specifically for ARM). With 64-bit emulation coming soon, this is an important step forward for Surface Pro X.

Notable features that continue to impress

We’re pleased to see a number of key features will remain in the Surface Pro X, making it a perfect fit for corporate fleets.

Battery life and charging

On the go business users are forever in search of longer battery life and Surface Pro X delivers in spades. The device boasts up to 13 hours of mixed usage time and Fast Charge allows the battery to power up to 80% in roughly an hour – in other words, less time charging, more time doing.

Upgradeable, removable SSD

This feature aligns well with corporate device end-of-life procedures by ensuring devices never complete their cycle of life with sensitive data still onboard. Functionally, this is not a user-fix scenario and only a skilled technician is advised to replace the SSD which is hidden behind the kickstand. Technicians can pop open the sim tray using a SIM ejector tool and unscrew the SSD to remove or replace it.

Faultless connectivity

Surface Pro X comes with Wi-Fi and built-in LTE making this a highly portable device with always-on connectivity. Despite its ultra-slim form, Pro X still boasts two USB-C ports, a Surface Connect universal port and dock connectivity.

Excellent video conferencing options

With Dolby Audio, dual far-field Studio Mics, and a 10MP rear-facing autofocus camera with 1080p full HD video, your video conferencing experience will be unmatched. In addition, the front facing 5MP 1080p camera is Windows Hello-enabled, meaning you’ll get online faster and more securely.

The device also comes with AI-powered ‘Eye Contact’ for Windows – a feature that addresses the quirk of people looking at each other’s face on the screen rather than a camera. It automatically adjusts the users’ gaze to make it appear like they’re looking directly into the camera.

Compatible with previous generation accessories

No need to ditch previous accessories when you upgrade, they all remain compatible.

Our verdict

The latest additions to the Surface Pro X, only ensure its rightful place as Microsoft’s premium device for on-the-go. Its versatility as a convertible laptop with removable keyboard and integrated LTE modem was already giving its 2-in-1 siblings a run for their money. Now, the internal refinement of increased power and app compatibility only increases Surface Pro X’s value as a device perfectly suited to on-the-road customer service, field and sales reps, or executive users.

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1. Available colors may vary by market.