Reclaiming the Value of Modern Note Taking

Did you know that on average doodlers recall 29% more information than non-doodlers?1 This Microsoft eBook explores how digital inking can help improve productivity in the workplace.

Whilst handwriting and doodling information helps with memory recall, research suggests that the average employee spends 76 hours a year looking for misplaced notes and files1. The Innovator’s Guide to Modern Note Taking, explains how digital inking helps to bridge this gap, with tips and tricks on how to best organise digital notes and how to get the most out of digital inking. Modern note taking techniques not only help support stronger communication, but also create improved collaboration and efficiency.

The Good News
Digital inking is helping to increase memory recall, focus and productivity.

The Bad News
Every day the average employee spends over two hours being interrupted or trying to refocus on their work, costing businesses an estimated $588 billion per year1.

Changing for the Better
Organisations are reclaiming the value of modern note taking. By replacing the bulk of the keyboard with the mobility of a pen, we are free to create, learn and capture information in the most natural way possible.

The benefits experienced in workplaces are endless, Microsoft Surface with digital inking is proven to:

  • Improve memory recall and focus.
  • Allow information to be quickly documented and shared.
  • Give employees a place to store and organise their notes on OneNote.
  • Ensure that notes are no longer lost and securely saved in the cloud with Office 365.

See the full family of Microsoft Surface devices and harness the power of digital inking.

To request a quote from Microsoft’s largest Australian Surface partner, contact Data#3 here.

1. Microsoft Corporation (2017). The Innovator’s Guide to Modern Note Taking [Online]. Available at

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