Data#3’s top IT resources from 2021

Refresh your knowledge and kickstart your technology journey in 2022  

For many organisations, 2021 presented both challenges and opportunities. Technology has been a consistent driving factor in enabling organisations to embrace digital transformation and empower their workforce to be successful, no matter what obstacles they may face.

As we return back to the office after a well-deserved break, let’s take a moment to look back at the top IT resources from 2021 our readers relied on to help them leverage technology solutions and services to achieve their business outcomes.

Top IT Resources in 2021

HPE GreenLake Use Cases

Dive into the world of HPE Greenlake to explore the drivers leading businesses to move their infrastructure to a consumption-based purchase – and whether you have to go all-in or can opt for a mix of consumption-based and traditional.

Discover how collaboration solutions can collaborate between themselves, through a simple web-based approach. With this reliable interop solution, you can use your existing Cisco Webex collaboration devices to seamlessly join a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Managing approvals across a hybrid workforce is a challenge, as is security and version control. Microsoft and Adobe have joined forces to address those challenges by integrating their world leading software solutions to help their users work more efficiently. Learn how these simple workflows can make your work life so much easier.

The Shine Lawyers workforce is highly mobile, especially in the face of a global pandemic, but no matter where they are working, effective communication is key. Learn how Shine Lawyers leveraged Microsoft Teams to implement a modern voice and collaboration solution that would eliminate concerns and improve user experience.


This eBook explores the six greatest challenges that organisations face when transitioning to public cloud, and offers expert advice on how to overcome them. It explains how to avoid common pitfalls, outlines what other organisations have learned from their experiences, and clarifies why cloud success is about more than simply moving workloads from one location to another. You can read about expert strategies to modernise your critical applications and use cloud native services to power greater business value with the Microsoft Azure platform.

Adobe Spark Teacher PD Video Resources

As the preferred software partner for thousands of Australian schools, Data#3 invited educational specialists from Microsoft and Adobe to provide an update on how they are working together to share content across their applications to further enhance the learning experience.

While what lies ahead remains unclear, one thing is certain: regardless of industry, location or vertical, the integrated application of technology is the vehicle that will drive organisations into the future. This report contains commentary from Data#3 leaders on tomorrow’s challenges, with insight on how businesses can best position themselves for what lies ahead.

Qenos sought a unified communications solution that would enable digital transformation of its ageing systems and create efficiencies to drive better user experience across the business. In this case study, learn how Qenos leveraged Data#3’s partnership with Cisco to deploy an all-encompassing program of works, including a PABX replacement with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager) and a Collaboration Flex Plan to consolidate their cloud and on-premises collaboration into a single package.

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