Adobe Spark and Microsoft Video Resources for Schools

As the preferred software partner for thousands of Australian schools, Data#3 invited educational specialists from Microsoft and Adobe to provide an update on how they are working together to share content across their applications to further enhance the learning experience.

Adobe Spark is an amazing tool for enabling students across all grades to bring their thoughts, ideas, and words to life, while strengthening their critical thinking and digital literacy skills. We have created a series of short how-to videos designed to help teachers understand how to create graphics, webpages and videos using Adobe Spark tools and then easily share them on Microsoft OneNote or Microsoft Teams.

Video 1 – Introduction and Microsoft update

In this session, Steven Payne, Microsoft Education Specialist, provides a quick overview of the latest Microsoft features and apps available to support hybrid learning:

  • Tools for the hybrid classroom
  • Creating an accessible and safe digital environment
  • Engaging and interactive lessons
  • Assessment and feedback in Microsoft Teams

Video 2 – How Adobe Creative Cloud apps are being used in schools today

Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps have long been loved by design professionals but weren’t always considered suitable for the classroom. Today, digital and creative skills are considered a vital part of education. In this video, Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe Education Specialist, explains how Adobe has developed a number of simple to use tools that are perfect for kickstarting digital creativity in the classroom.

Video 3 – Learn how to use Adobe Spark Post to create simple posters and graphics

Adobe Spark Post is a simple desktop publishing tool. Learn how to create simple posters and graphics that link in Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams.

Video 4 – Learn how to use Adobe Spark Video to create simple video stories

Adobe Spark Video is an easy way to make a quality video without needing to know anything about video production. Learn how to use this great story telling tool to create simple videos that link with Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams.

Video 5 – Learn how to use Adobe Spark Page to create simple web pages

Adobe Spark Page is a great way to build a webpage with the class or as an individual. Learn how to create simple webpages that link with Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams.

Video 6 – Workshops, classes and resources

Have you used Adobe Education Exchange yet? Explore how teachers can help other teachers leverage Adobe tools in all areas of the curriculum.

Win a virtual visit for your school from Dr. Tim Kitchen

Dr. Tim Kitchen is Adobe’s Senior Education Specialist for the Asia-Pacific region. He has had over 30 years of experience as a teacher in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education and he specialises in enhancing digital creativity throughout a wide range of curriculum areas. Enter your details below to win an opportunity for a virtual meet-up with Dr. Kitchen and your students and/or your colleagues. Click here to find out more about Dr. Kitchen.

Adobe Spark for Education is available at no additional cost for schools.

Teachers and students can log in to Adobe Spark and Adobe Creative Cloud seamlessly with their Microsoft 365 account credentials at school or at home. Visit our Education page for more information on our Education solutions and services, or contact one of our Education specialists today.

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