September 07, 2021

A deep dive into Azure Purview

David Summers
Microsoft Azure Lead at Data#3 Limited
In collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure engineering team, Data#3 peels off the wrapping on Microsoft’s upcoming data governance platform, Purview. Our Azure engineers were given early access to explore the platform and share their findings with you in the video below.

Azure Purview is Microsoft’s unified data governance service, designed to help organisations discover, classify, report and manage their data estate. Azure Purview, at the time of recording, was in preview release, and is anticipated to be made generally available later this year.

In addition to providing a general overview, we take a deep dive into deploying and configuring Azure Purview for connecting to common data sources such as Azure File Shares and an Azure SQL Database. We also explore how features such as business glossary, search, and automatic classification can be used to help discover and manage data in your environment.

In an example of why Azure Purview matters, we showcase a recent fault with one of our in-house reports that came about due to a schema change. This is a common scenario that Azure Purview could have been used to help assess change impacts through lineage analysis.

Throughout the demonstrations we provide some practical take-aways that you can use to provision Azure Purview for you to try yourself. Our Azure Specialist, David Summers, hones in on networking and identity considerations for getting Azure Purview setup. Peter Heydon, Data#3 Data & Analytics Solution Specialist, helps navigate Azure Purview Studio and makes sense of the more advanced features that you’ll want to be able to use.

Data#3 is proudly an Azure Expert MSP and holds the most locally-earned Azure certifications in Australia – including the Azure Elite program with Microsoft’s Azure engineering team.

If you’d like to learn more about Azure Purview or like assistance to have Azure Purview setup in your environment, please contact our experts.

Key Topics

3:20 – Introductions
4:55 – Azure Purview overview and why it matters

Demo 1 – Provision Azure Purview and connect to data sources

7:44 – Service provisioning
12:00 – Connecting data sources and scan schedules
17.43 – Key take-aways

Demo 2 – Now what? Using Azure Purview

20:45 – Browsing and exploring data
25:00 – Searching for data
27:30 – Power BI lineage
30:30 – Glossary terms and bulk term assignment
38:40 – Azure Purview insights
40:47 – Automated classification
49:45 – Management pane
50:30 – Non-privileged/ business user experience
54.19 – Key take-aways