March 21, 2023

A truly seamless collaboration experience, all under one (hybrid) roof

Ebony O’Connell
HP Device Specialist
The world is redefining work. Where we work has changed. How we work has changed. However, the thing that matters most about work hasn’t changed—the ability to make strong connections with each other. 

From casual hallway conversations to inspired brainstorming sessions to meetings that iron out issues, connecting with each other is how we get things done. These human connections improve collaboration, increase engagement, and make us more productive. Research also shows they make us happier.1 

In hybrid work, making these connections no longer means having everyone together in one place. It means making everyone feel as if they’re in one place, regardless of where they are.  

This has created new challenges for IT in creating a successful hybrid work environment. We are being asked to provide and support the communication, collaboration, productivity, security, and management solutions necessary for success. Piecing together solutions from multiple vendors only increases the challenges of ensuring devices meet everyone’s unique needs, can be easily managed, and work seamlessly together. 

The merger of HP and Poly brings together two leaders to create a complete ecosystem of hybrid working solutions that simplify IT support for complex work environments. This partnership will become the foundation of your successful hybrid work environment today, while allowing you to evolve alongside technology innovations tomorrow.  

So, what are the benefits, you ask? I’ve summarised them for you below.  

Address all your hybrid work needs in one place

This new single ecosystem that encompasses the best of Poly and HP’s portfolios will provide everything you need to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security for your evolving hybrid work environment.  



Headsets, speakers, phones, personal and group video solutions, management tools, services 

Laptops, desktops, workstations, monitors, docking stations, keyboards, mice, security solutions, IT monitoring and management tools, managed services, workflow software  

In addition to enabling you to find the best solutions for every workstyle, space, and UC platform in one place, being able to choose solutions from a single vendor will increase your buying power while reducing acquisition, management, and support costs. 

Take advantage of new innovations that enable effective collaboration from anywhere 

The union of HP and Poly brings innovation from two recognised leaders to the communication and collaboration experiences that are foundational to hybrid success.  

Poly audio technologies, such as Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), noise cancelling microphones, acoustic fence, NoiseBlock AI, and beamforming microphone arrays ensure that everyone on the call can hear and be heard clearly without having to strain or raise their voice. Poly’s DirectorAI suite of automated video technology includes personal field of view, group framing, speaker tracking, and people framing to ensure everyone is seen clearly whether they are alone or in a crowded conference room, with virtually no user effort.  

Combined with HP’s Presence technology that helps teams stay connected, break down barriers to information sharing, and enables work from anywhere, these innovations will let you create the most engaging and productive collaboration experiences. 

Ensure worry-free interoperability with leading hybrid work platforms 

Strategic relationships and deep integration between both HP and Poly, as well as leading hybrid work platforms (including Microsoft, Zoom, Google, and Tencent) ensure amazing experiences and seamless interoperability. You can be confident that our solutions will work with these platforms to deliver great user experiences across multiple use cases.  

Streamline the provisioning, monitoring, and security of hybrid work solutions 

HP and Poly both have robust software tools and services to help you easily manage and secure flexible work and distributed devices.  

For example, HP’s manageability services and Wolf Security portfolio enable global management of all HP devices and provides comprehensive endpoint protection and resiliency. Poly’s Lens cloud-based management platform and encryption technologies also provide comprehensive global management and call protection. This combination delivers a hybrid work environment that is easy to deploy and manage and has compelling future integration possibilities.  

Leverage years of experience and expertise anywhere in the world 

Both HP and Poly have decades of experience supporting IT departments to meet the needs of their organisations in almost every country. Their world-class support and combined services portfolio offer you expert help with every aspect of your hybrid work environment. With support, managed, and professional services and training on topics that include collaboration, security, working from home, workflow, and printing, they can help you achieve success. 

Choose solutions that are right for your organisation and for the planet 

Together, HP and Poly aim to be the world’s most sustainable and just tech company—taking urgent action to combat climate change, protect human rights, and accelerate digital equity. Both HP and Poly have strong sustainability and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting programs that focus on reducing carbon emissions and building sustainable products, ensuring the safety, privacy and rights of all people, and creating equity for all in the workplace and in the world.  

Data#3 also has a rich legacy of supporting our community and environment. Our vision is to harness the power of people and technology for a better future, by committing to our four ESG pillars: people, community, ethics and environment. By choosing a solution with Data#3, HP and Poly, you can both work smart and protect the planet.  

HP, Poly and Data#3 – Better together  

The merger of HP and Poly presents an exciting opportunity for us at Data#3 to provide you with a high-quality, single ecosystem of solutions to simplify your hybrid work environments. We are here to help you create premium employee experiences, now and in the future, that improve workforce productivity and collaboration wherever work happens.  

Built on a foundation of over 30 years of experience, the Data#3 and HP relationship is constantly evolving to services and solutions that meet the needs of ever-changing business and industry demands. As HP’s largest Power Services Partner in Australia, we work with customers across all stages of the technology lifecycle, ensuring the right solution is implemented to achieve your business goals.  

Underpinning Data#3’s HP Power Services Partner status is our commitment to achieve the highest levels of competency and customer satisfaction across HP key specialisations, including workstation, DaaS, retail, healthcare, education, managed print, client virtualisation and sustainability. From the moment you start to research the right solutions for your organisation through to their adoption and ongoing management – we’re by your side. 

Contact a Data#3 specialist today to get trusted advice on how you can make the most of the new HP and Poly partnership.