Surface Pro 7+ for Business: Made for new, evolving workstyles

The recent announcement of the new Surface Pro 7+ for Business, an update to Surface Pro– will be welcome news to organisations rethinking their device fleets in light of evolving employee workstyles.

Surface Pro 7 +

A recently published survey has revealed that global workers are discovering a new confidence in remote work. Amongst the findings, they learned that 86% of employees feel fully productive at home and 76% of employees want to continue working from home1.

As the benefits of remote work continue to percolate for individuals and the businesses who employ them, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the future of work will be a mix of virtual and in-person experiences.

Whether hot-desking, travelling for business, or working from home, the key to keeping tech-savvy workers connected comes from equipping them with powerful, adaptable devices complete with business-grade security features.

Of course, Surface devices have always been designed with mobile productivity in mind. Exceptional battery life, light and durable form factors, faster processing and more connections – these are just some of the hallmarks of Microsoft’s flagship 2-in-1 device.

It’s also why organisations continually turn to Surface to ensure their workers remain agile, creative and productive on-the-go.

So, let’s take a look at the new Surface Pro 7+, and what this latest iteration means to businesses looking to support current and future workstyles.

What to expect in the Surface Pro 7+


  • Black or Platinum finish
  • 11th Gen Intel Core processor
  • Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Removable SSD
  • Optional Advanced LTE
  • Backwards compatibility with Surface accessories
  • Fast Charging
  • Windows Hello-enabled 5MP front facing 1080p camera
  • 8MP rear facing 1080p camera

Speed upgrades

Surface Pro 7 housed Intel’s 10th Gen “Ice Lake” processor which made it twice as fast at the Surface Pro 6. They’ve now gone one better with the inclusion of Intel’s newer 11th Gen “Tiger Lake” processor (yup, another cool name). Users can expect over 20% faster processing speeds for common tasks — such as word processing or spreadsheets – and twice as fast graphics.

Excellent communication and collaboration features

Have you noticed lately that having a good webcam matters? Modern workers will find the Windows Hello-enabled 5MP front facing 1080p camera ideal for crystal clear video conferencing. Plus, there’s an 8MP rear facing 1080p camera.

To put this in perspective, competing laptops often only capture 1MP images and 720p video. In an era where we’ve never relied on our webcams more, that’s quite a winning proposition alone.

Optional LTE is back

Surface Pro 7+ with LTE

Thankfully, Microsoft has listened to overwhelming user feedback and reintroduced LTE. By removing it from Surface Pro 6 and 7, many organisations were forced to use devices that were 3 generations old in order to have this feature. Alternatively, they could choose to invest in the more premium Surface Pro X, but neither were ideal workarounds.

Surface Pro 7+ ensures users remain connected as the device switches seamlessly between Wi-Fi and LTE networks automatically – almost anywhere in the world. And by all reports its blazingly fast. This is a big win for businesses who are looking to support worker mobility.

Lightning fast battery charge

Mobility gets another thumbs up with Fast Charging helping you to charge your battery up to 80% in about an hour. That’s less time spent by users charging their device and more time using it on the go.

Removable SSD comes to the Pro line-up

Already a feature of Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3, removable SSD is a notable inclusion for Surface Pro 7+. This will be particularly advantageous for government and healthcare customers – or any businesses who handle sensitive information – looking to reduce the risks posed when disposing of end-of-life equipment.

Accessory compatibility

Make use of previous generation accessories – including type covers, mice, and pens – as they all work with Surface Pro 7+.

The verdict

Modern workers will not only appreciate the premium look and feel of Surface Pro 7+, they will also have access to all those handy features needed to work productively, remotely.

The overdue addition of LTE, excellent web cameras for video conferencing, and the very latest generation processor all combine to deliver a seriously impressive device that will appeal to organisations of all shapes and sizes – Surface Pro 7+ truly is the all-rounder of the Surface line up.

In addition, IT teams will find peace of mind with the removable SSD features, and of course all the in-built security of Windows 10.

Want to get your hands on a Surface Pro 7+ fleet?

If you’d like to evaluate a demonstration unit or place a pre-order, contact a Data#3 Surface specialist today. We can also help you manage and deploy your devices with our Zero Touch Deployment solution.

1.Global Workplace Analytics (2020), Work From Home Experience Survey Results [ONLINE]. Available here.

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