September 22, 2020

Light up your workspace with the HP ZBook Firefly G7

Marayka Chen
HP Device Specialist at Data#3
As the modern worker evolves, so too do the demands placed on their device. This means ensuring that every team is powered by cloud-based collaboration tools, seamless connectivity and security features that enable employees to work productively anywhere, anytime.

That might sound like any number of devices on the market at the moment, but when you add pro-level performance, superior durability and in-built advanced security smarts to protect against today’s diverse threats, the list shrinks considerably. Out of the remaining few, there’s one new addition that stands out from the rest.

Striking an impressive balance between functionality and form factor, the latest addition to HP’s line-up is their smallest, lightest mobile workstation ever.

HP ZBook Firefly G7 at-a-glance

  • 14 or 15 inch display
  • Starting at 1.34kg
  • Aluminium unibody chassis
  • Configurable for a 4k screen
  • Bang & Olufsen speakers
  • World facing microphone with noise cancellation
  • Up to 2TB storage and 64GB of memory

HP have made some impressive savings from earlier models, with the 14” coming in 8.8% smaller and 5.2% lighter than previous generations, while the 15” is 9.5% smaller and 1.8% lighter than its predecessor.

It’s no surprise then, that at 1.34kg, the ZBook is impressively light and portable – it’s essentially a mobile workstation, complete with all the bells and whistles expected by power users.

These sizing reductions don’t impact screen real estate either. The option of a sharp, bright 550 nit 4K UHD HDR screen has a slim-bezel design that maximises the viewing area and provides excellent definition, even in direct light.

Another standout is the sturdy build with an aluminium unibody chassis – requiring less screws – the HP Zbook Firefly G7 is more durable and sustainable than ever. In fact, it’s passed 19 Military standard tests –including extreme temperature, altitude and shocks – to ensure the it can handle anything the workday may throw its way.

Designed with modern collaboration in mind, the HP ZBook Firefly G7 features Bang & Olufsen dual stereo speakers and the HP World Facing multi array digital microphone. With HP Noise Cancellation software built-in, unwanted and distraction noise are a thing of the past, giving you the freedom to work anywhere.

Enabling seamless productivity

  • LTE and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity
  • Two USB 3.1, two thunderbolt ports and HDMI ports
  • Supports HP Fast Charge: achieving 50% recharge in 30 minutes
  • Up to 23 hours battery life

The HP ZBook Firefly G7 is armed to the teeth with connectivity options including two USB 3.1, two thunderbolt ports, HDMI port and USB-C for charging. Getting onto the network is also a breeze with both LTE and Wi-Fi 6 (when available).

The latter features HP Extended Range Wireless LAN which stretches over longer distances and supports fast data throughput at shorter ranges too. There’s little chance ZBook users will be complaining about poor connectivity!

When it comes to the battery, you can expect up to 23 hours before needing to plug in. And if you do get caught short, HP Fast Charge will get you back up and running, with 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

The ZBook also does away with both the sleep and off mode. Instead it uses modern standby, allowing users to near-instantly connect whenever they want, just walk into a meeting, flip the screen open and go.

Work securely

With 48% of organisations reporting device security as a major barrier to successful mobile initiatives1, it’s crucial that business critical data is protected, regardless of location. With HP’s trusted reputation in security innovations, the ZBook has reduced these concerns through an integrated privacy screen called HP Sure View. When using the device in public, users can tap a button to make the screen appear dark to prying eyes, but clear to the user.

In addition, the device includes a whole range of added hardware-enforced security features including:

  • HP Secure Erase to remove sensitive data
  • HP Manageability Integration Kit to extend management to HP hardware and BIOS
  • HP BIOSphere with HP Sure Start for hardware-enforced BIOS protection
  • HP Sure Sense delivering AI-based threat protection
  • HP Client Security Manager to simplify security settings
  • HP Sure Recover to reimage your device with minimal downtime

Powering the modern workplace

  • Available with either i5 or i7 Intel 10th gen CPU
  • NVIDIA Quadro P520 professional mobile graphics card with 4GB of video memory
  • Options to configure up to 64GB memory and up to 2TB of storage

The final, and arguably most important category of any modern device is its performance ability. Modern workers use an array of applications, often at the same time. They need to video conference, share files, use media rich applications and crunch numbers, fast.

The HP ZBook Firefly G7 supports all these tasks and more. Designed to handle multiple demands, the device comes with the latest Intel Core processors and NVIDIA Quadro graphics. HP’s ability to build all this power into a mobile workstation is an impressive feat.

Sustainably Sourced

I can’t talk about a HP device without mentioning their green credentials which are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Not only is sustainability engrained into every device and process, but they’ve won awards for it too. It makes sense that the HP ZBook Firefly G7 is infinitely recyclable – the chassis can be melted down and used again and again. It also includes recycled ocean-bound plastics, plastic-free packaging, a reduction in hazardous material and ultra-efficient power consumption. Even the satin aluminium chassis is free from paint, making it a smart choice for the environment.

If, like us, your organisation shares a mission to create a more sustainable, ethical, and equitable world, HP devices are an easy choice.

Test drive the ZBook Firefly G7

As a Platinum partner and collaborator with HP for over 20 years, Data#3 have extensive experience arming organisations with fit-for-purpose device solutions. Contact a Data#3 HP specialist today to get hands on with the ZBook Firefly and experience the HP difference for yourself.

1. Forrester Consulting. 2014. “Overcome Security And Identity Management Challenges In Enterprise Mobility With The Right IT Infrastructure”