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Azure Express Solution Assessment

There is no doubt that cloud adoption is on an upward trajectory – with migrating workloads to cloud a top initiative for many organisations.

Companies need a cloud that offers a vast array of services, speed, flexibility and resilience, with unmatched security and privacy certifications of any cloud provider – but some aren’t quite sure where to start on the journey to Azure.

Deciding to migrate workloads to the cloud is just the beginning.

There is a whole journey ahead. You need to have a clearly defined roadmap of the ongoing cost of running various workloads in Azure, while optimising costs and maintaining speed, flexibility and resilience.

Success begins with a clear plan. Let Data#3 help you get started on your journey to Azure with a fast, comprehensive, data-driven analysis of your server estate through an Azure Express Solution Assessment.

The Azure Express Solution Assessment is an economic assessment performed against your on-premises Windows Server and/or Linux* server workloads, delivered at no cost utilising Microsoft specialist consultants.

An Azure Express Solution Assessment provides meaningful insights that can help your business:

Your Azure roadmap starts here!

This all-in-one Azure migration assessment solution delivers an interactive Excel workbook that serves as both a powerful Azure economic assessment tool and an Azure migration roadmap planner, as well as powerful real-time assessment analytics. Outputs from this engagement will help you understand your specific roadmap for migration and how Data#3 can assist you in understanding indicative costs at each stage of migration through a Readiness Assessment, Azure Foundation Service or Azure Migration Service.

You will have a single-pane-of-glass view of the assessed IT estate, its inventory and performance data along with a comprehensive set of results and insights delivered via a built-in and fully automated Assessment Report.

Economic Capabilities

Scenario Assessment & Migration Plan Development

Assessment Report

Server estate analysis and data collection

Data collection can happen at two points, depending on whether you do, or don’t already have an Azure Tenant, or the ability to create one.

Option 1 – RV Tools
This option is most suitable if you are looking to assess a VMware® environment and require the fastest possible assessment turnaround with the least amount of data collection work.

Option 2 – Azure Migrate
If you already have an Azure Tenant or the ability to create one, this is the recommended option as it can include analysis of VMware environments, Hyper-V environments and standalone servers and Azure VM sizing suggestions are based on performance data.

Qualification criteria

In order to get started with an Azure Express Solution Assessment, you must meet the below eligibility criteria:

If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like to proceed with a no cost Azure Express Solution Assessment; contact a Data#3 Azure Solution Specialist below.

Get started today

Our team of expert Azure consultants will get in touch with further information and instructions on how you can get started on your journey to Azure with this fast, comprehensive, data-driven analysis of your server estate. Once you have completed this step, Data#3 can guide you along a validated five-stage pathway to cloud success to ensure your transition to the cloud is a successful one.

No matter what stage you are at in your cloud journey, you can depend on Microsoft’s largest Australian partner, Data#3 to draw on our deep expertise and advanced Azure certifications to help you design and implement the right cloud architecture to meet your business demands.

Contact Data#3 to proceed with an Azure Express Solution Assessment

*Linux Server Use Operating Systems including Red Hat, SUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu and various others.