February 29, 2024

Windows 365: The future of the operating system

Sam Allitt
Principal Solution Architect, Data#3

The world of work has changed, and so have our device operating systems.

Are your remote or temporary users productive and secure from anywhere, on any device, without compromising IT security? It’s no longer enough to simply have the latest operating system, such as Windows 11, rolled out across your fleet. If you are managing a temporary or elastic workforce, working across both company-owned and personal devices, we know how challenging this can be to manage.

Introducing your solution: Microsoft Windows 365, a cloud service offering a new way to experience Windows 11. Connect to your own dedicated PC hosted in the Microsoft cloud, from any device or anywhere, and stream your personalised apps, settings, and content. Windows 365 helps you support your remote and hybrid workforce without sacrificing security or performance.

Want to learn more? Watch our webinar on demand below to hear from Data#3 Principal Solution Architect Sam Allitt, and Microsoft W365 Global Black Belt Andrew Lowson, as they demystify Windows 365!

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