October 13, 2021

The Future of Work

Data#3 and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are pleased to present The Future of Work with Global Futurist, Scott Bales.

The past decade has accelerated business transformation to the point where only the fastest and most agile will thrive. Therefore, the future success of organisations is inextricably linked to the technology decisions it makes.

In this webinar, Scott explores market trends and strategies that world leaders leverage to navigate the digital economy, to unlock new lines of business, accelerate innovation, scale businesses and business models with shared risk.

Whether you’re in consumer goods, retail, healthcare, or dozens of industries facing innovative players, the time to reframe strategic plans is now. By learning to read the modern economy, leaders can make smarter decisions for the future of the business, reducing capital dependencies while testing multiple scenarios in parallel.

The modern organisation is built to leverage best-of-breed infrastructure and resources that don’t require ownership, where investment requirements align to benefits. The future is consumption-based models.

Key topics the presentation cover include:

    • Analysis of the critical concerns of the board room in navigating the modern economy.
    • Explore the mindset and decision frameworks of world-leading companies.
    • Understanding investment models that drive innovative transformation.
    • Explore what the shift to ‘as-a-service’ entails.
    • Outline strategies to guide investment decisions in this financial year.

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