Spotlight Series: Building a strategy for data, analytics & AI

Data#3 is pleased to present the Spotlight Series: Building a strategy for data, analytics & artificial intelligence (AI).

Data Strategies are essential as organisations seek to harness the business potential of big data. Most organisations have a number of initiatives that involve data and a data strategy can provide a common purpose for these initiatives. Without a data strategy, there can be serious data quality issues that go unchecked and can continue to become more complex if not addressed.

During this interactive Q&A session, Nigel Schmalkuche, Business Aspect Information and Analytics Practice Lead, and Peter Heydon, Data#3 Solution Lead for Data & Analytics, held a discussion around the following topics:

  • Why it is important to set a data strategy
  • Advice on how to get started
  • Real life customer examples of best practice data strategy creation and implementation


To learn more about Data Strategy, connect with Nigel and the Business Aspect team today or speak directly with your Data#3 Account Manager.

Tags: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Azure, Business Aspect, Data, Data & Analytics, Data Strategy, Microsoft Azure



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