June 02, 2022

Behind every breach is a known flaw

Data#3 and Tenable are pleased to present: Behind every breach is a known flaw.

With the rise of public cloud deployment, IoT, mobile and container technology, cyber criminals have more entry points than ever before to launch an attack. This elastic attack surface can often create gaps in an organisation’s ability to truly understand its cyber exposure at any given time.

Join our panel of experts from Tenable and Data#3 as they discuss how you can best protect your organisation from cyber attacks in this ever-changing landscape.

Learn how Tenable’s comprehensive cyber solutions, combined with Data#3’s extensive security expertise and services, will help you to close your cyber exposure gap with full visibility of the modern attack surface.

Questions from the Webinar

“What avenues do you need to cover from cyber attack?”

There are many avenues you need to cover to ensure cyber attackers cannot harm your business. This is called the ‘Attack Surface’ by Tenable and includes everything from your applications, computing, cloud, infrastructure, and development environments. The attack surface is very complex these days, so having a tool that allows you to report and investigate that entire landscape is very important.

“Why should you use Tenable?”

Tenable has been a recognised leader in the vulnerability management space for over 10 years. They are recognised as a leader in the industry because they focus their entire development team purely on vulnerability management. This gives the reassurance that by investing in Tenable products, you will be providing your organisation with a long-term relationship not just with Tenable but with their partners as well.

“How does Tenable protect your organisation?”

Tenable’s 2022 portfolio of products provides customers with an end-to-end perspective of your organisation’s vulnerability across every attack surface. This is known as tenable.ep and is a collection of eight modules that can be purchased individually or collectively.

“What are the Tenable.ep modules?”

  • Tenable.sc – Flagship module that provides a risk-based view of your IT, security, and compliance posture to identify and investigate vulnerabilities. Managed on-premises.
  • Tenable.io – Provides actionable insight into your entire infrastructure’s attack surface. Managed in the cloud.
  • Tenable.io Web App Scanning – Scan your websites and get actionable results in minutes.
  • Tenable Lumin – Allows you to visualise and explore your cyber exposure, track risk reduction over time and benchmark against your peers with a cyber exposure score.
  • Tenable.cs – Assess infrastructure as code before deployment and identify drift at runtime to secure the cloud at the speed of code.
  • Tenable.ad – Combined vulnerability management and active directory security to disrupt attack pathways, to ensure attackers struggle to find a foothold in your organisation.
  • Tenable.ot – Protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error.

“What vulnerability management services does Data#3 provide?”

As a Certified Tenable Managed Security Services Provider, Data#3 not only offers licenses at discounted rates, but also provides the following five security services as a baseline:

  • Solution Deployment
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Reporting and Dashboards
  • Optional Remediation
  • Tenable Management

Free Trial

Are you interested in giving Tenable a try, but you’re not sure if the program is right for your organisation? Data#3 and Tenable are very pleased to provide both a Tenable Proof of Concept and Free Trial for anyone interested in the software. Enquire either to your Data#3 Account Manager, or through the link below, to begin your journey to a more secure digital future today!