August 31, 2022

Adobe Acrobat Product Update

Adobe recently added some major enhancements to Adobe Acrobat Pro to create a new all-in-one PDF and e-signature solution, Adobe Acrobat Sign.

In this live webinar, Adobe Principal Solutions Consultant, Matt Davis, demonstrates how your teams can boost productivity and collaboration using the expanded capabilities of Acrobat Pro, Adobe Acrobat Sign for Enterprise and the Document Services APIs:

  • Add e-signatures to digital document workflows
  • Work more efficiently with Microsoft 365 and Teams
  • Automate Document processes with Power Automate
  • Deliver enterprise grade security and compliance, and more

With deeper Microsoft integrations, enhanced e-signatures and more ways to collaborate, learn how your team can work more productively with Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Questions from the Webinar

What has changed with Adobe Acrobat?

As of August 8th 2022, Adobe’s e-signature functionality is now included in the Acrobat Pro platform. This won’t change too much for anyone with Acrobat Standard subscriptions, but Acrobat Pro users will receive some added functionality (see below).

Where can I access e-signatures in Acrobat Pro?

You can use the ‘Request e-signatures’ option in the Acrobat app, or on the web version of Acrobat depending on what you prefer.

Where is the data residency for Adobe Sign?

The Adobe Sign service will be onboarded to Australian shores, meaning the data will go through Adobe’s AWS data centres in Sydney, Australia.

What roles can you assign to people in SMB version of Adobe Sign?

You have access to three roles in the updated SMB version of Adobe Sign: signer, approver or form filler.

Are there any security features I can set up for my document?

Yes. You can assign each individual recipient a password, or set a global password to the entire document for added peace of mind.

Can I edit my document after I’ve sent it for signing?

You cannot edit the document itself, but you can change some settings of it. Within Adobe Acrobat you can view the signature progress, cancel the document, add notes or adjust the recipients.

What are Adobe Document Services?

Adobe Document Services are made up of PDF Services and Sign for Enterprise. These are APIs designed to automate your workflows and make your job easier.

How do I access Adobe Add-ins such as Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft 365?

If you have admin access to your Microsoft 365, you can find all the Adobe Add-ins on Microsoft AppSource and then make them available for your organisation.

Can I try out the Adobe APIs for free?

Yes. Head to to start free trials of all the Adobe APIs discussed in this webinar.

How does pricing work for Adobe Sign for Enterprise?

You are able to purchase Adobe Sign for Enterprise for each individual employee at your organisation, although 99% of people purchase it as a transaction (or an envelope). The Adobe APIs also follow a similar transaction-based pricing framework.

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