June 29, 2020

Cisco Maintenance and The Data#3 Hub – Saving money for higher education

In this video resource, Peter Mai, Cisco Software Consultant and David Wain, National Practice Manager – Education, discuss how Data#3 is helping higher education institutions save time, money, and effort, by improving the way they operate Cisco Maintenance through the Data#3 Hub.

Learn how Data#3 has helped universities gain visibility into the Cisco environment, understand what’s in it, how much they’re spending, and how to optimise their contracts.

Get smarter infrastructure management with the Data#3 Hub

Let us help you end the frustrations, inefficiencies and ambiguity in your infrastructure and support maintenance. The Data#3 Hub is the industry’s only solution designed to simplify infrastructure maintenance and contract management across vendors. It will revolutionise your vendor support and ensure you maximise infrastructure investments, while mitigating service availability risk.

Join hundreds of Data#3 customers already leveraging the Hub and simplify your infrastructure management today. Contact our team to request more information.