November 30, 2020

World Computer Literacy Day: Not Just a Once-Yearly Event, According to Data#3

Recognised annually across the globe on 2 December, World Computer Literacy Day is not just a once-a-year event, according to leading Australian technology services and solutions provider, Data#3.

Established in 2001, World Computer Literacy Day is observed to promote digital literacy surrounding computers and technology, and to reduce digital division globally.

As one of Australia’s leading providers of technology solutions, Data#3 is committed to driving digital literacy and equity, says Data#3 Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Laurence Baynham,

“As a company, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of people and technology for a better future,” Baynham commented. “Through our work with education partners, we deliver technology solutions and tools to those who need it most: the youth of today, and workforce of tomorrow.”

A leading provider of technology solutions and services to the education sector, Data#3’s offerings are an avenue through which schools can provide digital solutions to students enhancing collaboration and anywhere, anytime learning.

Recently, Data#3 enacted an informal school support program, designed to support small education institutions with few IT resources. Issued in the form of consultative technology advice, devices for disadvantaged students and physical onsite technical assistance, the support provided through Data#3’s education team has assisted many Australian schools.

“The transition and impacts of remote learning, as necessitated by COVID-19, have been difficult for many schools to manage,” said National Education Manager for Data#3, David Wain.

“As a longstanding education technology partner to hundreds of Australian schools, we knew we were in the unique position to leverage our expertise to assist schools through a particularly challenging time.”

One such school is Banksia Montessori, a WA-based school assisted by Data#3 in the migration of a storage and collaboration solution.

“Data#3 gave us a lot of extra support… We have minimal IT knowledge, and planning to move our data was overwhelming… we couldn’t have asked for anything to go smoother,” said Christine Tng, Finance Officer, Banksia Montessori School.

Data#3 is also a foundation partner of the ICT Gateway to Industry Schools program (GISP), a Queensland Government initiative. Through the program, Data#3 has partnered with two Queensland schools (Kelvin Grove State College and Bentley Park College), to support the use of cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, and provide ICT career learning opportunities for students.

Connecting the ICT industry to schools and students, the program provides opportunities for mentorship and experiential learning. Through the GISP program, Data#3 is currently providing ICT work experience for one talented Brisbane student.

Digital literacy and digital equity are some of the most pressing issues for our youth and the workforce of tomorrow, says Wain. “Ensuring that students have equitable access to devices and the opportunity to become strong, digitally literate users is a key marker for future opportunities.”

“As a leading technology provide with robust relationships with global vendors, we are proud to support schools in providing the best possible digital experience for their students,” said Baynham.