June 02, 2023

Data#3’s Tash Macknish wins ARN Achievement Award

Shantel Drewery
Marketing Communications Specialist

May 29, 2023; Brisbane, Australia: Leading Australian technology services and solutions provider, Data#3, is proud to announce that its Group Manager of Organisational Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR), Tash Macknish, has been named as winner of the Australian Reseller News (ARN) Achievement Award for 2023.

The ARN awards provide a platform for showcasing female excellence in the ICT industry. The ARN Achievement Award recognised Tash for her outstanding contributions to the ICT industry, positioning her both as a HR leader and a stellar example of the achievements of women in technology.

Speaking of the journey that led to this success, Macknish, said, “I’ve worked in the ICT industry for over 30 years, and it was my passion for people that steered me into HR, and also led me to Data#3. I am fortunate to have a leadership role in an organisation that embraces our people, understands how diverse we all are by nature and that we each have unique perspectives, skills, and experiences, that should be nurtured. We all have something to offer, to have a voice, and more importantly, to be heard.”

“I’m so humbled to take home this award and to be recognised by my ICT industry peers. I can’t help but think back to myself as a young woman who looked at the world full of endless possibilities. She wasn’t exactly sure what road lay ahead for her, but I know she would be so proud that she’s stayed true to herself and that has paved the way for success not just for herself, but for other women in the industry,” concluded, Macknish.

Throughout her career at Data#3, Macknish has fostered and developed a people-centric culture, allowing the company to deliver its vision of harnessing the power of people and technology for a better future. The people-focused strategies she has developed have helped the company excel both in revenue and culture. She has earned a reputation as an esteemed thought leader following a distinguished career as both a business leader and role model for aspiring executives.

Data#3 Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Laurence Baynham, commented, “It’s no surprise to see that Tash has been identified as the winner of the ARN Achievement Award. She is an integral member of the Data#3 Senior Leadership Team, and her passion for supporting others, and helping them to succeed, is unwavering. Congratulations to Tash on receiving this well-deserved accolade.”