March 07, 2023

Owning digital experience in an internet world

Enterprise architectures have fundamentally changed. Increasingly, the Internet is the new enterprise backbone, SaaS is the new application stack and the cloud is the new data centre. This creates a visibility gap in your digital ecosystem.

External environments that you do not control, like the Internet, can become your Achilles’ heel when it comes to the performance of your critical apps. A new approach is required to optimise end-user digital experiences across every layer.

This infographic highlights dependency trends on external services and how ThousandEyes (part of Cisco) will help IT rise to the challenge of optimising our increasingly dispersed and dynamic environments.

ThousandEyes (part of Cisco) provides digital experience monitoring of your application and services across the cloud and the Internet. Its value is in giving you the ability to spot problems and make changes before something impacts the performance of your critical apps – regardless of whether you control that domain.

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