Are we becoming more security-minded?

We can all remember the time we started a new job, and a sticky note was stuck to the screen of our computer with the words “PW= p@ssword” written on it. With cybersecurity incidents rapidly increasing, in 2020 this story is more likely to come up as a joke or an anecdote around password security.

However, in reality are we truly becoming more security-minded, as employees and people?

In this infographic Yubico shares the results from a 2019 survey on the real state of password and authentication behaviour.

2019 survey on the real state of password and authentication behaviour.


Improve device security with Yubico

Yubico sets new global standards for two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication.

Contact a Data#3 Device Specialist to learn more about how YubiKeys can help improve security for your organisation.

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