November 21, 2022

How to build better flexible work experiences with Surface and Intel

Scott Gosling
National Practice Manager - Microsoft at Data#3
With over 70% of employees wanting flexible working arrangements to remain in place and 67% desiring more in-person work, hybrid-working arrangements are now the norm for businesses across the globe.

However, 70% of business leaders admit that in order to make hybrid work a successful permanent reality for their organisation, they need to upgrade their technology to support the needs of this mobile workforce, while maintaining security and effective collaboration.

That’s where Microsoft Surface, powered by the latest Intel technology, can help.

The eBook below explores how businesses can offer the best hybrid working experience, empowering employees to collaborate, connect, and achieve more with modern devices and secure management from Microsoft and Intel.

Specifically, this eBook can help you:

  • Deliver better employee experiences
  • Connect teams and enable them to collaborate anywhere
  • Increase productivity
  • Deploy, manage and secure devices

Four ways to improve flexible work

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