September 12, 2023

Redbank Plains State School

Future is reality – virtual

Sourced from Ipswich News Today

Redbank Plains State High School revealed its plans to go digital with the unveiling of its Innovative Virtual Reality Studio, with hopes to creatively engage and aid students in classroom experiences in both junior and senior subjects.

Working in collaboration with Bentley Park College in Cairns and technology solutions provider Data#3 to usher in a new era of innovative teaching and learning in Ipswich, Redbank Plains State High School is now one of the first schools in the region to encompass Virtual Reality learning studios to more than 1500 students at the school.

Executive Principal Tom Beck said, “The (Virtual Reality Studio) is part of our process of digitizing Redbank Plains State High School.”

“The VR studio is part of integrating this level of technology into the curriculum. It’s designed to inspire and engage students, and that translation of that inspiration and engagement into the standard classroom curriculum and learning produces better outcomes.” “Our students needed to have access to the latest learning technology so that they wouldn’t be left behind. They deserve the best learning conditions and the best opportunities that can be provided across the state.” The Virtual Reality Studio will offer a range of immersive educational experiences across various subjects, enabling students to travel through time, visit far-off places, and engage with abstract concepts in tangible ways. The studio is equipped with the latest virtual reality technologies, enabling students to immerse themselves in locations and situations to gain a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

The unveiling of Redbank Plains State High School’s newest technology was attended by Bundamba MP Lance McCallum who praised the school for their efforts in getting students involved and bringing the community together on this technology.

To see this kind of cutting edge learning facility available for local students here at Redbank Plains State High School is absolutely fantastic.

Lance McCallumBundamba MP

“This (Virtual Reality Studio) will be a spot of collaboration for all of our local students going forward where they can learn the skills of virtual reality, to use in actual reality in their lives going forward,” said Mr McCallum.

The Virtual Reality Studio represents a significant leap forward in educational innovation, offering students an immersive and engaging learning experience that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

In addition to the unveiling of Redbank’s latest Virtual Reality Project, executive principal Tom Beck announced further plans for laptops to be rolled out across all year levels covering more than 1500 students as of next year.

“We’ve made the decision to go digital. As of next year, all of our year levels covering 1500 students will have a laptop for learning and making that the centerpiece part of our digital process.”

“We’ve surveyed students in large numbers.

80 per cent of our students believe that a laptop helps them with their learning and 78 per cent believes it improves their homework, and that’s a key aspect in the students’ learning development as well,” said Principal Beck.

Revolutionise the classroom with virtual reality