Customer Story: Logistics Agency

Logistics company delivers with new security solution

Company Overview

Like many organisations, the customer had a complex environment featuring many disparate solutions. The limited integration of these solutions meant that there was little visibility, making it hard to identify security threats quickly.

A planned cloud transition of the Agency’s key logistics solutions brought security to the forefront; and it became apparent that an integrated security platform was vital to provide protection across the entire organisation. Without a large security team in-house, the implementation of an end-to-end solution presented a challenge.


As a trusted partner, the customer sought guidance from Data#3 to build a more effective security posture for a hybrid cloud environment to support their highly mobile users.

An initial review showed the customer’s existing investment in Cisco technologies could be leveraged as the platform to build upon. Working closely with Cisco, a solution was identified that would deliver the outcomes the customer needed.

While it is easy to talk about a solution and its benefits, the Agency wanted to see it in action. Phase one leveraged the partnership between Cisco and Data#3 to develop a proof of concept (POC) that initially focused on Cisco Umbrella. The objective was to highlight how Cisco Umbrella would protect users from threats found on the network. In addition, Data#3 was able to demonstrate through a POC how easy protection in both scenarios could be achieved with the new technology and the effort required for implementation.

Phase two of the POC provided the Agency with a clear view of how Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for endpoints and email security, together with Cisco Umbrella, solved the major challenges faced due to lack of visibility and complex management. The integration between the solutions meant malware information is shared in near real-time to ensure all points on the network are secure.


The integrated Cisco security solution from Data#3 provides visibility of the customer’s entire environment, both on-premises and off. Threats can now be identified rapidly, and reduced complexity makes it easy for the small team to manage.

Mobile users are more protected than ever, with Cisco Umbrella reducing the risk of malware entering their device, or the network, no matter where and how they connect. The integrated suite of Cisco technologies act together as a complete ransomware defence, making it tough for suspect content to gain a foothold.

The experienced Data#3 team used their extensive knowledge of Cisco and security best practice to reduce risk and increase security. The customer also reduced costs by taking advantage of a volume purchase program to stretch the budget further.

As a result of the new solution, the Agency now has the ability to see where the threats are coming from and contain them.


  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Cisco Advance Malware Protection
  • Cisco Email Security Gateway
  • Data#3 Security Review

“By adopting Cisco’s integrated security offering, the customer was able to build on their existing Cisco investment, gaining outstanding visibility and protection while reducing complexity,”
Richard Dornhart, National Practice Manager – Security, Data#3 Limited

Tags: Advanced Malware Protection, Cisco Umbrella, Cybersecurity, Hybrid Cloud, Mobility, Proof of Concept (PoC), Security



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