August 16, 2018

Local Government Agency

Local Government Agency positioned for success during transition to Office 365

Company Overview:

Operating in one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Australia and home to a community of more than 300,000 residents, the Agency anticipated a growth of more than 200,000 residents over the next 20 years. As a progressive leader in local government, the Agency provides community services and facilities to its residents.


The Agency recognised an opportunity to align their business with the existing ICT and digital strategies in use across the state. The existing technology environment meant staff were using two separate applications to access emails and archives, which was not in line with the existing strategy. The Agency needed their own ICT strategy that would provide employees with a modern technology environment.

With an upcoming rollout planned for a gradual deployment of Microsoft Office 365 across the organisation, they needed to ensure staff across all departments were ready to transition to the new technology.


The solution included the engagement of Data#3’s training and adoption service. The engagement allowed for customised services that align with business objectives. Working closely with the Agency’s team, Data#3 managed and monitored communication and engagement activities to support all staff across various departments during the transition to Office 365. The utilisation of a bespoke Communication and Engagement Plan ensured regular communication with the staff by email and intranet, as well as the inclusion of posters and Quick Start Guides for distribution across the office.


The Bespoke Communication and Engagement plan not only prepared staff for the transition to Office 365, but provided support to staff in maintaining engagement throughout the deployment. Engagement of Data#3’s training and adoption services ensured a successful transition to the new technology without reduction to productivity and efficiency.


  • Microsoft Office 365 Training and Adoption Services

“By collaborating with their team, we were able to customise our offering to provide a unique service that not only prepared staff for the transition, but for the future.”
Gary Grant, Account Executive, Data#3 Limited