Customer Story: Cisco Duo for TechnoPro

With IoT and digital transformation accelerating at speed to support a newly remote workforce, Japan’s TechnoPro Group turned their attention to bolstering the security of their dispersed environment. They required a functional, usable and cost-effective secure access solution.

What makes Duo such a standout for TechnoPro is it’s simplicity – for both administrators and end users. With API integrations, easy self-enrolment, quick configuration and flexible user-first policies – Duo simplifies authentication to prevent attackers, not employee productivity.

Read this customer story to discover how Cisco Duo ticked off all their criteria and how it’s speed of deployment and ability to integrate with their existing infrastructure ensured business operations remained untouched during the rollout.

Start a 60-day Cisco Duo trial

To give you more time to experience the simplicity of Cisco Duo in your organisation, we’ve extended our 30-day Cisco Duo trial to 60 days.

Alternatively, request a 1-on-1 meeting with a Data#3 Consultant to map out your 60-day trial structure and discuss how Cisco Duo can seamlessly integrate into your current security landscape, like it did for TechnoPro Group.



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