February 22, 2019

A Public Sector Agency

Resourcing Roadmap Returns Remarkable Result


Assemble a team capable of designing and building a complete ICT ecosystem to ensure the company can operate independently.


Engage Data#3 to source and place a highly skilled and experienced technical team to implement the project and deliver on objectives.

IT Outcome

A specialist team that delivered a fully operational ICT ecosystem featuring hardware devices, phone system, network infrastructure, servers, business applications, corporate services, data storage, and more ahead of the end of financial year deadline.

Business Outcome

An ICT project that was successfully implemented on time and on budget, providing powerful IT infrastructure that enables the efficient and cost effective delivery of services.

“To build an entire ecosystem within seven months is extremely challenging. We knew we had to get it right the first time, and with the right people and the right skills in place, that’s what we did.”

Alex Mardon, Augmentation Services Manager, Data#3 Limited

The Challenge

In 2017, it was decided that the company would be split into two separate entities. A requirement of the split was that both operate independently from a technology standpoint. That meant that each company was effectively making a fresh start from a people, corporate structure, and IT systems and platforms perspective. The technology environment needed to be built from scratch, this meant there was complete separation from the existing support systems by the required deadline.

In short, the company faced a number of key challenges, including:

  • Extremely tight timeframes
  • Limited budget
  • Lack of skilled in-house IT resources
  • Ambiguity around which systems and resources to use
  • Uncertainty around senior leadership positions


Data#3 had previously provided a range of resourcing services to the company, including the provision of highly skilled IT resources in areas such as network infrastructure, software development, business intelligence and data analytics.

As such, Data#3 had extensive knowledge of the company’s business and culture, and had become a trusted advisor on sourcing and building technical teams. Finding the right people can be challenging, however as an experienced technology solutions provider, Data#3 was asked to assemble the right resources required for a successful outcome.

The first step was to source a Senior IT Strategic Advisor to oversee the technical transition.

After this appointment was confirmed, Data#3 worked with the customer to understand the outcome they were looking to achieve. This included advice and recommendations on the skill sets and budgets required across a variety of functions, including strategy, IT management, project management, network and systems configuration, and help desk. This advice was used to formulate a plan to submit to the CEO for approval.

Once approved, Data#3 commenced the recruitment process. This meant sourcing a group of IT professionals with the right mix of technical skills and the right personalities to form a highly effective and cohesive team – and it had to be done as a matter of urgency.

IT Outcomes

Thanks to the highly skilled and experienced team assembled by Data#3, the company was able to design, build and deploy an entire ICT ecosystem quickly and seamlessly.

The ecosystem set-up required expertise across a number of areas, and delivered the full range of technology services, including:

  • Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles
  • Phone system
  • Servers
  • Network infrastructure
  • Corporate services (email, website, intranet)
  • Business applications (ERP, CRM, payroll)
  • Data migration, storage and back-up

Business Outcome

The complexity and urgency of the company’s project meant that this wasn’t just another straightforward recruitment transaction. Thanks to its expertise in IT resourcing and existing relationship with the customer, Data#3 fully understood the end goal, and was best placed to source and implement the right resources for the project.

Whilst the new team was ultimately responsible for the ICT project, Data#3 provided monitoring services to ensure KPIs were being met and consistently on track. And when resources were stretched, Data#3 sourced additional resources to assist with the workload.

The team put all the necessary software and hardware infrastructure in place to deliver a fully functioning department within seven months – ready for the deadline.

This meant the company could become a standalone entity without relying on systems and support from a third party.

From a business perspective, the success of the project has enabled the company to hit the ground running.


Starting from scratch just a short seven months ago with no people, corporate structure or IT systems and platforms in place, the company is now on track.

Every benchmark has been reached and every goal has been achieved thanks to a dedicated, experienced and highly skilled technical team that was sourced and assembled by Data#3.

“Right from the start, we understood exactly what they needed and the urgency of the project,” says Alex Mardon, Augmentation Services Manager, Data#3.

“To build an entire ecosystem within seven months is extremely challenging. We knew we had to get it right the first time, and with the right people and the right skills in place, that’s what we did.”