March 15, 2023

Know What’s up When Your Apps are Down With ThousandEyes

Shiv Radhakishun
Head of ANZ Channel, Thousand Eyes
The world you know is changing. The cloud is your new data centre, the internet is your new network, SoftwareasaService (SaaS) is your new application stack, and lastly, home is your new office. While these solutions deliver the flexibility and agility the modern enterprise craves, the resulting ecosystem of external dependencies and third-party services creates significant operational blind spots for IT.

In today’s dynamic world, you need visibility that goes beyond narrowly focused network and application performance management capabilities to deliver digital experiences. This is where ThousandEyes, part of Cisco, comes to the fore. ThousandEyes provides digital experience monitoring that empowers you to monitor and manage all the cloud-based and internet-centric environments that your customers and employees depend on. 

ThousandEyes combines a variety of active and passive monitoring techniques to give you deep insight into user experiences across the applications and services you provide and consume. It also leverages an expansive internet monitoring data set to provide real-time internet outage detection, powered by collective intelligence. 

See all the layers that make up your service delivery in a single view, from synthetic transactions and service availability to network paths and global internet routing feeds. Its patented cross-layer troubleshooting and interactive visuals make it easy for you to isolate problems, take action, and resolve issues faster.

Powered by globally distributed vantage points across the cloud and Internet-centric networks that sit beyond the enterprise IT perimeter, to track application availability and end-user experience, ThousandEyes empowers customers to see the cloud, internet, and SaaS like their own environment. 

78% of customers who had adopted remote working during the pandemic said they will not return to the office full-time when things go back to ‘normal.’ 80% of customer interactions are now digital.

ThousandEyes has been supporting partners and customers with their transition to hybrid work, mainly through its ‘endpoint agent’ solution. ThousandEyes endpoint agents are a real-time, end user monitoring of whitelisted domains through browser-based plug-ins that are deployed on end-user laptops and desktops. With the ThousandEyes endpoint agent, you can monitor remote and in-office employee experience of both internal and SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce and/or Webex. Through the ThousandEyes endpoint agent, you can also measure the performance of Wi-Fi networks remotely, ensuring your employee is having a great experience from wherever they choose to work from that day. We can also track application performance and VPN performance, which gives IT leaders, network teams and employees working remotely the comfort of knowing their network is being monitored from a performance perspective.

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Know What’s up When Your Apps are Down, with ThousandEyes
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