April 29, 2022

28 Years of Latitude Love From Dell

As we approach nearly three decades since Dell Technologies launched the very first Latitude device, Latitude XP, we are reminded of Dell’s long history of innovation.  

Going all the way back to 1994, the Latitude XP is regarded as the first laptop with an optional Lithium-ion battery. A quarter of a century later, Dell devices have transformed, but their commitment to innovation hasn’t.  

Dell continues to innovate within the Latitude range up to this day and with 28 years of updates and refinements, Dell are closer than ever to perfecting enterprise computing with their extensive range of Latitude Laptops, Desktops, and 2-in-1s.  

Let’s take a brief look at the history of the Latitude range and see just how far things have come since 1994. 

Latitude Timeline: 

1994: Latitude XP – The first of the Latitude range launches with the ‘Latitude XP’ which featured the world first Lithium-Ion battery. 

1997: Latitude C-Family – Featuring a sturdy, robust design the C-family of Latitude devices were a favourite in harsher climates and were notable for their consistent and interchangeable accessories.  

2003: Latitude D-Family – The Latitude D-family was introduced with the models D600 and D800. The D600 aimed to combine heavy-duty power with reasonable portability, whereas the D800 was Dell’s first widescreen Latitude notebook. 

2008: Latitude E-Family – Built for portable high-performance, the E-series quickly became a favourite among ‘road warriors’ and travelling executives. The E4200 came in at only 1kg (2.2 pounds), being the lightest commercial notebook in the company’s history, whilst the E6400 boasted a 19-hour battery life.  

2016: Latitude 3000, 5000, 7000 Series – The dawn of the modern era, this range of devices released in 2016 is the basis of today’s Latitude range. With three price-points ranging from entry-level basic use, to mainstream every-day business use, to high-spec premium ‘Ultrabooks’ designed to tackle any challenge.  

2020: 9000 Series – The 9000 series releases with the Latitude 9410 and 9510. These devices represent the ‘ultra-premium’ enterprise range designed for process heavy applications and top-notch performance. 

2021: The latest iterance of the Latitude 3000, 5000, 7000 and 9000 suites.   This brings us to the devices Dell has available today which have come a long way since the Latitude XP in 1994. The videos below showcase just a few of the next-gen features Dell has pioneered over the past 28 years of innovation.   

If you have ever purchased a Dell before, you will know that their range of devices and specs is second-to-none, which is why I have spotlighted a few devices below that showcase the latest features in Dell’s Latitude range. 

Dell Latitude 9000, 7000, 5000, 3000 Series Enterprise PCs


Latitude 9520 This unit is Dell’s longest running business PC and is also the world’s most intelligent ultra-premium 15.0″ PC in the size of a 14″. You’ll experience speakerphone quality with Intelligent Audio and a brighter 4K InfinityEdge screen with ComfortView Plus. Sporting the industry’s first automatic SafeShutter and Dell Optimizer’s built-in AI.

New Latitude 9430 Gain the confidence to work anywhere on this ultra-premium laptop or 2-in-1 designed to offer the best productivity, collaboration and connectivity. Multi-network connection for faster downloads, ExpressCharge to charge your device to 80% in under 40 minutes, all with enterprise-level security, serviceability and durability.

Dell Latitude 7430

Latitude 7430 Work confidently from anywhere with the Latitude 7430, the world’s smallest 14” premium commercial laptop. This small and premium 14″ business laptop with the built-in AI of Dell Optimizer and new ExpressConnect makes you more productive than ever. Featuring 4K screen, ComfortView Plus, enhanced speakers and Intelligent Audio.

Dell Latitude 5330

Latitude 5330 The 5000 series of Latitudes are fully-featured business-class mobile workhorses in a thin and light design. This scalable laptop features a brighter screen with ComfortView Plus, extended battery life and touchless wake & lock with ExpressSign-in. Configurable as laptop or 2-in-1, your team will work faster than ever with the built-in AI of Dell Optimizer.

New Latitude 3330 Lighter than ever, the Latitude 3330 is designed for on-the-go professionals needing the full power of Dell Optimizer and ExpressConnect from wherever they work. The world’s lightest new 13″ essential laptop is not only modern and sleek, but packed with essential intelligent features and optimised for collaboration. Feel like you’re in the room, from any room.

The Dell Latitude range really has come a long way from the Latitude XP, released 28 years ago, back when laptops batteries only lasted (up-to) 8 hours. Furthermore, after nearly 30 years in a rapidly changing world, the Latitude range has maintained its popularity among businesses and continues to be a cornerstone of enterprise computing. This is an incredible feat to achieve in the 21st century and gives me every confidence the Latitude range will be around for another 28 years.

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