October 20, 2022

Data#3 Recertified as a Family Inclusive Workplace

October 21, 2022; Brisbane, Australia: Leading Australian technology services and solutions provider, Data#3, today announced that it has been recertified as a Family Inclusive Workplace for financial year 2023 by the Parents At Work coalition.

Through ongoing efforts over the past year to support families and carers at Data#3, the company was pleased to confirm that it has once again been accredited as a Family Inclusive Workplace.

Data#3 Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Laurence Baynham, commented, “With over half of our workforce having either family or carer responsibilities, Data#3 is dedicated to providing our people with the support they need to balance their personal and professional commitments.”

“That’s why last year, Data#3 took the steps required to become one of the first organisations in Australia to be endorsed as a Family Inclusive Workplace by the Parents At Work coalition, and I’m delighted to share that we have recertified for FY23.”

Data#3 Group Manager for OD&HR, Tash Macknish, said, “We understand that for carers and parents, juggling work and family can be especially difficult. In recognition of National Carers Week, we have also launched our new Family, Carer & Wellbeing Hub. This great platform will assist staff to balance their personal and professional commitments, providing key support as they travel through the various stages through life.”

“We are extremely proud of the steps we have taken to date, and we will continue our efforts on ensuring we create and support a Family Inclusive Workplace at Data#3.”

In partnership with UNICEF Australia, Parents At Work developed a National Work + Family Standard as a way to assist organisations implement a range of policies, practices and processes to help them create and support a Family Friendly Workplace culture.