November 18, 2022

Regain control of your Microsoft 365 environment with M365 Optimiser

Mark Pattie
Modern Work Practice Lead
Cloud collaboration and communication tools like Microsoft 365 are more critical than ever as organisations transition to a combination of remote and on-site working. Over time, M365 environments are neglected and it becomes very hard to keep tabs on license counts, application utilisation, security gaps, and costs.

It’s not hard to see then, why Microsoft 365 licenses need to be strategically managed to ensure you can gain the full value of licensing spend and application capabilities.

Let Data#3 help you better govern your M365 environment. 

Read our two-part blog series to understand if you are making three costly mistakes in your Microsoft 365 environment, or if you are wasting your cloud budget on a bloated Microsoft 365 environment?

Let Data#3 help you better govern your M365 environment 

Contact a Data#3 Microsoft 365 Specialist to learn how much money Data#3’s Microsoft 365 Optimiser can save your company by driving adoption, optimising license usage, exposing security vulnerabilities and providing insights needed to better govern your M365 environment.

Data#3 is Microsoft’s largest Australian business partner with the highest certified level of competency across the Microsoft ecosystem. Our scale and expertise enable our unparalleled support, so our customers can confidently select, deploy, manage and secure Microsoft applications, products, and devices.

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