May 18, 2018

Jason Windows

Jason Windows gains a clear view of software licensing to ensure Software Asset Management compliance


To gain a comprehensive understanding of Jason Windows’ licensing profile, and to identify any compliance risks to ensure better visibility going forward.


Audit existing Microsoft licenses to identify purchases, obligations and any over- or under-provisioning that may lead to non-compliance.

IT Outcome

Improved visibility of Jason Windows’ environment, whilst ensuring compliance with Microsoft licensing requirements.

Business Outcome

  • Understand costs for accurate future budgeting
  • Eliminated risk of penalties associated with non-compliance
  • Protected the business reputation from negative outcomes

The Background

Jason Windows has been supplying quality products to the Western Australian building industry for over 50 years.

As one of Australia’s manufacturing success stories, Jason Windows has provided custom-built windows for 80% of houses built in Western Australia.

The company pioneered the introduction of aluminium windows and doors in WA in the early 1960s and depends on the progressive use of technology, in particular automation, to survive in a highly competitive manufacturing sector.

The Challenge

When ICT Manager, Daniel Bersan, joined Jason Windows, his primary goal was to drive innovation and reduce manufacturing costs through the efficient yet innovative use of technology. Before he could embark on the route of streamlining business processes, he needed to fully understand the Jason Windows software environment.

“Nothing formal was in place to give me the insight I needed, I was essentially starting from day zero,” said Bersan.

“We had no formal processes in place to understand our budgetary obligations and I was concerned about the risk to the business if we weren’t compliant.”

For the busy team of skilled IT professionals at Jason Windows, the desire for better visibility was also about the ability to plan and budget more accurately. In a business that depends on efficiency, it was vital to get a clear view of licensing obligations and the need to know what was deployed, how, and when was essential.

“I knew it would be too expensive to put contingency measures in place for everything we do,” said Bersan.

“Instead of second-guessing actions, I needed certainty that we were getting value from our software spend.”

Jason Windows had to act to find clarity in the software environment.

IT Outcome

Bersan had enlisted Data#3’s help in a previous role, and he sought advice from his trusted contacts about how to tackle the situation. Data#3 recommended a full audit of the software environment, so that Jason Windows could gain visibility of the current situation, including awareness of any gaps.

The business was concerned that spending money on a software asset management (SAM) solution would not yield results. It was when Data#3 demonstrated the results achieved by other similar-sized organisations utilising SAM that Jason Windows recognised the benefits it could deliver.

Consulting with the Jason Windows IT team ensured they had a clear understanding of their requirements before they made the decision to utilise Snow software. Beyond the initial audit, they had ongoing visibility of software usage and spend, ensuring investments are well managed, with decisions based on accurate information.

“Data#3 had a willingness to work with us as a team,” said Bersan.

“The trust was there from a long-standing business relationship, and everyone was won over by the professionalism of the Data#3 team.”

Embarking on the software discovery process was a step into the unknown for Jason Windows, but they were very keen to learn exactly what they were responsible for. The Jason Windows ICT team worked closely with Data#3 to run the initial audit.

The result was pleasing. Jason Windows had no cause to fear unlicensed software leaving them vulnerable to risk. Moving forward, the IT team now have full visibility of their obligations.

“We have a clear, simple report, with various spreadsheets showing the exact situation,” said Bersan.

“This created a level of comfort for staff and we can be one hundred percent sure we are doing the right thing.”

Business Outcome

Thanks to the introduction of SAM, Jason Windows can see their exact Microsoft software position. They have eliminated the unknown aspect of licensing and reduced the risk of non-compliance.

Beyond that, the business is in a better position to plan future software investment without any budget going to waste.

“I have a clearer understanding of what I need to invest in and what I don’t,” said Bersan.

This clarity equips the IT team to change the perception of their role within the business. They had to prove themselves and take the project to the Board, explaining the need for risk mitigation in terms of software licensing. The company’s leadership now has full awareness of what their exposure might be if adequate licenses were not purchased, and the value of managing the situation closely.

While the compliance position of Jason Windows was quite healthy, thanks to the attention of the IT team, the report did expose the transactional nature of IT purchasing, something they are now addressing in the drive for efficiencies.

“When the housing market turns around, we know we’re ready, we can see what we’ll need and what it will cost,” said Bersan.


The audit of Jason Windows’ software environment, and the implementation of a SAM solution, ensure the IT department can budget accurately and mitigate the risk of non-compliance. The ability to budget accurately is a key measure in improving the perception of IT within the business.

“I have a much better idea of future licensing purchases based on the audit numbers,” said Bersan.

“In a business where custom-products are measured to the exact millimetre, accuracy matters. The same precision used in manufacturing,” said Bersan, “must apply to ICT, so knowing the exact software situation is vital.”

“When we measure a window, it has to be perfect, and we are so confident in our quality, we guarantee it for ten years. Our technology also has to be perfect, it has to exactly fit the requirements. This project helps us to achieve that,”
Daniel Bersan, ICT Manager – Jason Windows