June 30, 2022

Welcoming the HP ProBook 440, a new Classroom Champion

Ebony O’Connell
HP Device Specialist
What makes the ideal school laptop? Is it dependability, saving educators time troubleshooting during lessons? Is it a battery that lasts all day? It goes without saying that to survive a typical student’s daily activities, it absolutely has to boast a good level of durability. With that in mind, let’s take a look at HP’s latest release ProBook 440 14-inch G9 Notebook PC, designed with education users in mind, to see how it measures up.

Upon unboxing, the first thing you’re likely to notice is that the form factor is reminiscent of the previous gen with some minor tweaks. Overall, the device continues to be light weight, highly durable and delivering on HP’s sustainability messaging with an increased number of recycled materials used in the construction. Continuing to be a sleeker, more modern unit, as well as making it a little easier to shove (read: carefully place) into a backpack. Things never looked so bright with the 14” display offering a brighter overall display housed with a classic narrow bezel, that also features anti-glare, which is a definite advantage under bright classroom lights. The blue light filter in this model has been considerably improved, giving a truer colour than in the older generation models. Given how much time students spend on laptops in modern classrooms, anything that reduces eye strain is a plus.


Even now that most students are back in the classroom after two years of disruptions and lockdowns, collaboration technologies that were adopted are still very much in use. Homework and assessment tasks also feature more video submissions, as educators capitalise on the positives of such a tech savvy generation of students. This has focused attention of device manufacturers on video and audio capabilities.

With this in mind, the 440 G9 features an improved 720p camera complemented by AI-driven lighting that corrects darkness or overexposure. Another neat feature is that the microphone has been redesigned to capture speech from users who like to move around instead of sitting still. The speakers prioritise voice, so that background noise is minimised. Students interacting remotely benefit from this noise suppression as they can be heard more clearly, without interruption from environmental noise around them.

When what’s inside matters – HP ProBook 440 delivers!

The way education is delivered has changed profoundly from one generation to the next. Today’s students are not expected to spend entire lessons copying text from a blackboard or sharing poorly photocopied handouts. Educators have become adept at integrating a wonderful array of apps to make classes more inspiring, and student experience is central. All this tech is demanding on older machines, designed pre-pandemic. HP uses the 12th generation Intel i5 processor in its ProBook 440, which gives apps a much-needed performance boost. Here, too, AI is engaged to prioritise tasks, so the user’s team meeting will run smoothly, without less pressing background processes hogging the processing power.

One of the changes that HP is introducing to its laptop range is easier servicing, thanks to more removable components. This makes it easier to diagnose an issue and swap out the problem element quickly on the spot, so more time is spent learning, and less time problem solving (you’re welcome students).

In the excitement over collaboration and increasing use of online resources, security implications cannot be forgotten. More commonly, schools and universities are putting considerable thought into educating students about safe technology practices, which is something we wholeheartedly support. That said, youngsters can quickly forget best practice when distracted by social media or peers. Who are we kidding, most adults have momentary lapses too. In any case, HP has added to its already comprehensive security features, using optional tile technology to locate missing devices and integrating a manual shutter to block the camera. When it comes to protecting students, sometimes you must outsmart them, which is why HP have also enabled hands-free auto locking, so the laptop detects if the user walks away and prevents unauthorised use.

Students now spend more time than ever on their devices, increasing the need for a better battery overall. Battery life has not only been increased but now runs more efficiently, meaning they charge faster and run smarter. AI is used to detect charging habits, and adjust accordingly, so that battery life is maintained longer through the life of the device. Students will be happy to not have to remember or squeeze a charger into their already overloaded backpacks.

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