April 27, 2022

The past, the HP Presence, and the Future

Ebony O’Connell
HP Device Specialist
Hi there, my name is Ebony O’Connell and I’m the HP Device Specialist here at Data#3.

I describe myself as a passionate technology ambassador. I have been in the industry for 6+ years and over this time, have certainly anchored my enthusiasm for all things tech. I enjoy getting hands-on with technology and discovering all those hidden and smart features that can be game-changing, even life-changing in some cases. I especially enjoy exploring new tech – and always get excited to share insights and unique features. It’s what drew me to this Device Specialist role. I get to play with some pretty amazing technology – VR… looking at you!

Which reminds me, I want to let you in on a little secret about something that is on the way, something I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek and inside knowledge on. I think we are all very prepared that the next time we step into the office, the landscape will not look the same. In response to this, HP has dropped something absolutely game changing.

HP Presence. The new customisable collaboration set up from HP. With emphasis on compact, stylish and easy to use units, HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions is a new portfolio of conferencing and collaboration solutions that aims to connect people who might not be together in the same physical space. The hybrid meeting experience just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

Now if you are like me, the hybrid work environment suits you pretty well and is not something we want to see disappear into the ether. We are all enjoying the opportunity to work from wherever, whenever and however in this current environment. However, to be honest, I have sat in on many hybrid collaborations and let me tell you, I have heard, “I cant hear or see anything” more times than I can count. We’ve all seen the memes and TikToks right?

Jokes aside and back to the game changer that is HP Presence, making bad collaboration and hybrid meeting experiences a thing of the past. So, let’s break this down…

Love at first sight

At first sight, the setup is elegant and well designed, with sleek units – which don’t intrude and are actually pleasing to look at.

There are two types of cameras included in the line-up – one embedded in the audio video bar, and a standalone camera. Both are equipped with features that will help even the most animated presenter stay in frame, with auto-framing and cinematic-like zoom, the cameras and video quality make everyone feel as though they are all in the same room. It was very cool to see.

Image quality can often be a struggle, however with HP Presence all presenters can be seen in any lighting with a 4K AI camera adept at adjusting light to suit. Finally, rounding out on the cameras – each is designed to ‘hide’ when not in use, ensuring you are not on show when you don’t want to be.

Music to everyone’s ears

Audio has the ability to make or break collaboration. HP Presence ensures that everyone can be seen and heard with cinematic dynamic AI-Audio. Eliminating unwanted sounds and echoes, HP Presence gives you the ability to hear voices which might be harder to hear, whole providing room for simultaneous voices – you know, when everyone answers at the same time. The speakers also intelligently adjust volume if room noise increases. No more missing information if someone opens the door or kicks the table during a meeting.

Hassle-free and efficient connectivity – is this even possible?

Topping off a superior sound and audio experience is the console itself. Connectivity and collaboration at this level, never looked so good! I was very impressed! Clean, hassle free and efficient. HP Meeting Ready automatically wakes up the control console, turns on the screen and camera – you are ready to launch your meeting with just one touch.

And of course, in today’s ‘COVID-19-era’, I can’t not talk about how easy the console is to clean and sanitise, locking the screen to allow a thorough and deep clean when required.

I know you will be wondering – yes, HP Presence can connect with a whole range of collaboration platforms, giving users the opportunity to interact intuitively and provide an intelligent meeting experience, no matter what collaboration platform, or meeting room set-up you are using.

The new kid on the block

HP Presence – the new kid on the block is an exciting evolution of collaboration software, backed by HP’s long-history and experience in the end user computing space (check out the impressive HP Device Fleet). Intensive R&D has led to a solution which I believe will burst onto the market in an innovative way. If you are keen to explore HP innovation a little more – take a look at what they are doing in the VR space too. It really is next level!

Whether you are looking for a solution for small huddle room, large conference room, or something in between, there is a HP Presence solution to suit!

I am really excited about the launch of HP Presence and what it means for collaborative meetings. I would love to connect with you and show you how you can benefit from the amazing features offered in the HP Presence Suite. Together we can elevate your meeting spaces!

The Data#3 difference

Built on a foundation of over 25 years of experience, the Data#3 and HP relationship is constantly evolving to create device and print and collaboration solutions that meet the needs of ever-changing business and industry demands. As HP’s largest Power Services Partner in Australia, we work with customers across all stages of the technology lifecycle – from device management and integration services, to disposal recycling and timely account management services – ensuring the right solution is implemented to achieve their goals.

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